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Akuma Kristian (also known as Kris the Demon or simply Kris though many just call him Akuma) is a somewhat lazy gamer from England.


Born on 26 April 1991. Grew up playing Sonic 2 and reading Sonic the Comic and became a huge Sonic fan as a result. Joined The Chaos Theatre Forum on 2 March 2011 due to boredom, technically making him one of the oldest members of the forum. Often hangs around the Gaming Discussion and Gaming News forums looking for something to talk about.

While usually calm and polite, he has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor (which doesn't always translate well to his posts). He is one of the few members of the forum who doesn't really do anything. Despite pursuing several exploits online such as a Youtube channel and a blog, his inability to sit down and work on anything for longer than five minutes means these are usually inactive.

He has stated in the past his name was created by accident.

He is also the only person (besides The Water Waka that has played Puzzle Quest.

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