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Real Name


Alice (Scarlet), Alice-sama


Mediocre Game Designer, Artist




American, Pseudo-Canadian

Member Since



Amanda request by himitsumaky-d4nb5p0

She looks like this.

Alice-sama (otherwise known as Alice Scarlet, or by default, Alice), is a relatively active member of the forum who everybody wants to touch the butt of.

He is known as a bit of a trickster, as he goes under the name 'Alice', though he is a male. This leads to people making the assumption that he is a she due to him never really stating otherwise. He feeds off of this arrogance.


Alice is a relatively active member, known for contributing very little to the main forum itself. He has, however, posted a few threads regarding potential games that he wants to make, a few short stories (Ashley and Withing Hope), but nothing else. He spends a lot of time posting in the forum games, and has built some sort of pseudo-relationships with Mermaid Amy, 271072A, and DoggieLover.

Before V3 was established, Alice established a friendship with Mr. Red. The two now work on game concepts together.

He's also a mediocre artist. He tends to submit his drawings to the forum where they get little attention. Though he doesn't post them to the forum per se, he does draw some NSFW content. He will give users the link to said images if they ask him.


Alice joined back on V1, and was somehow noted for something. Ever since, people do tend to notice him around the forums, and have noted him as a legendary human being, or an all around awesome person.

He has no idea why.

Also back on V1, Alice established another pseudo-friendship with the infamous user Shepski, who promptly pushed Alice away for his own reasons. Alice don't care. Alice don't give a shit.

After returning to the forum after V3 was established, Alice made connections with old friends again, and for some reason, went on a hiatus for a few months. He returned a few months after his 17th birthday, and has been moderately active since.