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Amaterasutheredeemer or Ammy to those around the forum is proud owner of the absolute worst name on the

He's all up in your shit. AND THERES NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!

forum. He resides in the United Isled Kingdom of Great Blightyland and makes some countdowns with appalling mic quality.


Ammy joined the forums on 4th of March 2011... But you don't care about that at all. He corrects people on their grammar, shamelessly publicises his own projects and occasionally reviews a game badly. I'm sure that you can find him; there's probably a lynch mob leading right to his door. Around the forum he can only remember being genuinelly described once; he was described as a 'laid back British dude'. This is an inaccurate portrayal as he is running frantically from a lynch mob currently



Probably what he looks like

  • Makes some youtube countdowns
  • Is bisexual
  • Father is dead
  • Loves music way too much
  • Favourite bands are Nine Inch Nails, Bloc Party, and Rise Against
  • Supports The Age of Magnum (All hail our glorious ruler)

Youtube Channel Edit

He has a youtube channel currently at 91 subscribers. He has 2 copyright strikes so subscribe to the other account too.

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