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Ark7298 (a.k.a. Ark) is a dictator that has been created with simplicity. He is a member of the Chaos Theatre Forums.


Ark joined the Chaos Theatre Forums originally around December 2011. He joined the forums because he wanted to try his hand on a forum. And ever since he got used to BBcodes, he's been talking in the forums (well, two to be exact). The latter forum was for the International Saimoe League Forums mostly in which he shows who he votes for as well as show off his graphical banners. While not well known, he has a fair opinion on what he discusses on, whether it be gaming or anime related.


Ark has two main things he uses. First he uses his Facebook page to post a lot of various stuff. Second, he has his YouTube channel where he posts his Let's Plays. He says that he will have other stuff up such as reviews (in the style of VLogs), countdowns (once he gets Adobe Premiere Pro CS6), and special projects that he will confirm soon. Ark also states he has a lot of other things such as his tumblelog, Google+, deviantart (in which he won't use that often in favor of Pixiv), and many more when he gets the hang of things soon.


  • Ark has been a scientist in regards to plasma, hence his title, "The Plasma Manipulator."
  • Ark was supposed to watch the first season of K-On! last March 2010, but due to problems, he couldn't watch the anime that would become his all-time favorite. He managed to watch it (along with the second season) however, on July 13, 2011 - September 6, 2011.
  • Ark was also gonna read the manga version on May 7, 2011, but because he forgot about K-On!, he had a lot of trauma thinking about why he didn't buy the book in the first place which was cured on May 10, 2011 (the date in which he bought the manga).
  • Ark received a Nintendo 3DS on his 15th birthday, but it didn't come with a 3DS game to play (other than AR Games and Face Raiders). He was gonna buy a game, but instead bought a Yui Hirasawa figma and the game (Super Mario 3D Land, to be exact) was bought later on June 15, 2012.
  • Some of Ark's links to certain social media contains something K-On! related.
  • Ark fell for the K-On! disease.
  • Ark's favorite song is "U&I" by Ho-kago Tea Time.
  • Ark's favorite episode happens to be the 6th episode from season 2 of K-On!
  • Ark's first doujinshi he ever read happens to be a K-On! doujinshi. Same applies to his doujinshi.
  • Ark is always, always, always favoriting, re-tweeting, and replying to every single post from Ayana Taketatsu ever since he followed her.
  • Ark said that he has no crush in reality, but he admitted that he did have one, and that was Ayana Taketatsu (well, rather a celebrity crush, but still...).
  • Ark's ultimate wish is to date Ayana Taketatsu, whilst keeping his ultimate goal of reputation.
  • Ark is an amateaur designer for banners.
  • Ark is considered to be one of the very few Asian members in The Chaos Theatre Forums.
  • Ark's first DS was the DS Lite, not the regular DS (which he didn't really expect, but found out that it was really better than the original).
  • Ark also states that he doesn't care about the XL versions of both DSi and 3DS as long as the original sizes are okay for him.
  • Ark has terrible life support when it comes to pretty girls. Being kissed by one either makes him pass out, or he does this: (」・ω・)」Ooh! (/・ω・)/ Nyaa!
    (」・ω・)」Ooh! (/・ω・)/ Nyaa!

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