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January 2012


Area of Effect (Portfolio), avaril11 (YouTube Channel)

Avaril is an admin on the Chaos Theatre forums. He joined the Chaos Theatre in January 2012 after having followed the Autarch and Joshscorcher for a while, and integrated into the community pretty quickly. Avaril was promoted to Mod after Camelslayer's short departure at the end of April 2013, and was made an admin after a majority of the original staff systematically left following the demise of V3.

His opinion is held in fairly high regard, mainly due to his logical and pragmatic nature, combined with honesty (or bluntness, depending on your point of view) being “a cultural thing” for him. He voices his criticism when he feels it’s necessary, though he always tries to keep it constructive. Despite this however, he’s always in for a laugh and enjoys pulling pranks.

Avaril tries to keep a broad interest in various genres of games, but he prefers action-adventure games, (MMO)RPGs and strategy games. Some of his favourite games and series are The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Final Fantasy and Ratchet & Clank.

While Avaril is not particularly active on YouTube (having only uploaded a few X-VGM’s), he does make some artwork from time to time.


Avaril is skilled (or at least competent) at a variety of arts, mainly character and environmental design, but also photography, Flash animation and web design, among others.


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  • "Avaril" is the name of his World of Warcraft character (a blood elf mage). After hearing his name being shouted pretty often during raids (usually followed by "Time Warp! Now!" or "Get out of the fire!"), it kind of stuck.
  • His avatar is Black Mage from 8-Bit Theater, a webcomic by Brian Clevinger that he cannot recommend enough. Seriously.
  • Despite thinking Minecraft on its own is "pretty wank", Avaril is a pretty avid player of modpacks such as Feed the Beast Ultimate, and Tekkit before that. His magnum opus is a flying arse that poops nukes.

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