All hail his vengeful existance

Real Name

Dante Falsetto


Avenging Human






Canadian (Of Italian descent)

Member Since



Awesomehuman3 (Or as he's known by his compardrays, Dante the Demon Killer, because it has a good ring to it, dontcha think?) is a lesser known countdown artist. He's proberbly best known for his tribute intros, for which he makes A LOT of. He is generally fun to hang out with, but can be extremely childish. He is Finndread's Rival.

Awesomehuman3 was one of the 1st members of the League of Evil to be drafted when its membership was set and had his own chat centre set up (By Kuro Serpentina) for random ass chats where people just come together from where ever and just chat about random stuff.

As of late, he has begun more noticable within the community, becoming reasonably influential. He has joined many groups, even becoming second command of the side group "Gamers 2012". He is even a priest for the Cult of the Black Serpent, but you didn't hear about that. He is also hanging out with more people and having a lot more fun

Dante is set to appear in the League of Evil game as a playable character, based off of some elements of Magnum
Devil May Cry - The Theme of Dante- Lock & Load04:53

Devil May Cry - The Theme of Dante- Lock & Load

"Has a Nice Ring to it, doncha think?" Dante's Battle Theme

from Forum Fantasy: Prelich's Journey to Manhood. He fights using Iron Knuckles and is heavily resistant to Fire & Plant elemental, but has a "Lightning Rod" effect that makes him get hit most by the Random Target Lightning spells most, which he is weak to.

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