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Balrog is a user on the Chaos Theatre Forums. There is nothing very special about him, other than the fact his name is based on the creature from the Lord of the Rings and the fact he joined on April 2, 2013, making him pretty new.

He is planning on becoming a let's player, but he needs a video recorder and a microphone.

Game DevelopmentEdit

Balrog always had a dream of becoming a game designer since he was seven, having thoughts about how certain video games could be extended.

The dream began sometime in 2009. One of the first game making programs he found was RPG Maker VX, which he didn't download until late 2012 (he technically did in 2009, but he had now idea how the hell it could work). That inspired Balrog to get RPG Maker VX Ace, which was easier for him to work with.

Balrog is currently making a game on RPG Maker VX Ace, which was in development since February 2013. What's the plot? No one knows except Balrog, which is going to be kept secret for now.

He did attempt to make a game called "The Fat Knight's Journey" with VX. However, it was scrapped due to Balrog not being happy with it.

He also tried to make a game using Super Mario Bros. X. It was scrapped because of Balrog losing interest and a random glitch that deletes everything in the entire level.


  • His first video game was "Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly", which was glitchy, but not as extreme as Superman 64 and Sonic '06.
  • He can bend his thumb 90 degrees due to having it double jointed.
  • Owns a lot of notebooks. The amount of paper is enough to use an entire tree.
  • He likes rap music for no bloody reason whatsoever.
  • He absolutely despises country music, despite being in a state where that genre is popular.
  • The first videos he watched on Youtube were Super Monkey Ball videos.
  • This is his favorite boss theme. Many will disagree. Endless trolling and flaming will occur because of this.
  • He is a pretty calm guy. Especially on the forums.
  • Used to be a big fan of Spiderman. No, seriously, he was THAT big of a fan. He even has a Spiderman collection.
  • Most of his real life friends are jocks.
  • Likes fish.
  • Hates peanut butter.
  • He is somewhat of an otaku. He tends to prefer the more creepy anime such as Elfen Lied.
  • Watched the Pokemon anime before playing the games. In fact, he never even knew that Pokemon was a game series one year after he watched the original anime.
  • Has over 9000 ideas for future Pokemon generations.
  • He's played Atari 2600 games before. One of them was Adventure, which had one of the first known easter eggs in video gaming history.
  • Used to like Chuck Norris jokes, until they got old. Fast.
  • He types a lot. Look how much stuff is on this article.

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