Beer Guy
Portrait by Mediamaster127/Shohmyooh127

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"Mesopotamian Fridge Spirit"



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"The Beer Guy" was a fictional entity created by Chaos Theatre admin and popular YouTube content creator The Autarch of Flame. The Beer Guy is voiced by The Autarch of Flame imitating the "Powerthirst" voice.


The persona of the Beer Guy was created for the video "Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Drink Beer!", a video released on April 1st, 2011. For this April Fool's video the Beer Guy was introduced as an ancient Mesopotamian spirit obsessed with drinking the alcoholic beverage beer. After presenting ten reasons why the viewer should drink his favorite beverage. Also, when present, the overture to the movie "Lawrence of Arabia" plays.


The Beer Guy appeared in several other videos involving The Autarch of Flame but hasn't been seen since at least 2012. Whether or not The Autarch of Flame is going to bring back this persona is yet to be seen.

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