Y'ha-nthlei from Call of Cthulhu

Possible appearance of Botlantis. But it could also be mistaken for R'lyeh.

Botlantis is a place filled with fear, and is the spawning place of all the bots on Earth. It was discovered by Camelslayer when attempting to find the IP address of a friend of The Coffee Man. It was quickly named "Botlantis" by UtterSpartan.


The inhabitants of Botlantis are not fully known, as there has not been a manned expedition to Botlantis. Botlantis is the hidden capital of bots, where all bots reproduce like jackrabbits and send their offspring to cause mass havoc on the world wide interwebz. However, it has been speculated that this is also the hiding place of Eldritch Abominations, such as Cthulhu, Phantoon, Zeromus, GLaDOS, Missingno, Hal (2001) Shepski, and the all powerful Goat of Ch

The location of Botlantis, in British Columbia.



Botlantis has been known for sending enormous waves of bots to the Chaos Theatre, overwhelming them with a sea of non-sentient programs trying to spam it. The mods and admins have fought vigorously in order to repel the constant assaults from Botlantis, and almost always win. At most, the admins simply become annoyed with their constant bombardment and defeat them with little to no effort. Ways are currently being researched in order to counter the bot menace.