Two bots fucking around.

Bots are, without a doubt, the scum of the internet (other than Shep & Arul).

Bots, hailing from Botlantis, are especially prevalant on the forum due to mybb's terrible security and other things. They're infamous for their numerous links to porn, handbags, and other goods. Most of them are harmless although some bots have gone past the radar and made a post or two.

The bots enjoy writing literature in their native language, Bot-ese. The term used for this type of writing is commonly referred to as, "Bot Literature". Currently, only one forum member has been able to decipher every one of these stories into english, BluePhoenix.

Usually whenever they post something on a thread, someone points out that a bot has posted usually leading some users to go off topic on the thread. The most notable would be in Alice's Art thread a bot named johnbravo posted thus leading to the thread becoming the Johnny Bravo thread complete with the Monkey dance, episodes, and discussions about Johnny Bravo.

There has however been one case of a bot replying back to what it is told and even outlining the evil plans of the bots to "save" the internet.

List of Notable BotsEdit

  • xoeenw88 - Wrote a beautiful story about....oh hell, read it here.
  • popo5 - The absolutely FABULOUS author of this amazing piece of literature.
  • johnbravo - The bot equivalent to Johnny Bravo. Is famous for posting on an art thread and then getting everyone to discuss Johnny Bravo.
  • BuzzUOfferBot45 - One bot that unlike the others actually responded back to others and had a post count higher than 1. Set the world record for bot post counts by hitting 4 before it was banned and got its account deleted. Many have speculated that this is not an actual bot but rather a Pi Day joke by the admins alongside the mysterious appearance of other strange users including Joseph Brony, Adolf Hipster, and Bill Cosby.
  • PickofDestiny - This bot was created by Kuro Serpentina to spy on the bots, however it got thoughtlessly revealed by Autarch, putting the study of bots back by centuries. WAY TO GO A-HOLE!

Annoying TraitsEdit

  • They spawn faster than breeding rabbids.
  • All the things they advertise are crap.
  • Their grammar is crap.
  • To get attention, they have their birthdays on the same day that it currently is at the time.
  • Not to mention they all seem to be of the same age along with the same birthday, time, etc.
  • Usually their age is set at between 22-27.
  • And not to mention, they write some of the most beautiful, poetic and touching stories, like ever.
  • Their favorite channel is Cartoon Network as they seem to advertise it a lot an example being that one of the bots is named johnbravo. There favorite show on Cartoon Network is Johnny Bravo.

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