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Real Name

Anthony De Caria




Former Admin





Member Since

A long time


G1CDM (YouTube Channel)

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Not his avatar on these forums, but it works.

Chewie (real name Anthony De Caria) was one of the original admins of The Chaos Theatre and a real life friend of The Autarch of Flame, Krazier, and Rince. Out of all of the admins he has the lowest post count and rarely ever (read: max three times) comes onto the forums. He also has YouTube account named G1CDM. He became popular after he collabed with the Autarch in Top 15 Worst Pokemon. He is also a major character in the storyline that plays over the course of the Autarch's countdowns.

Forum TasksEdit

He is known as the Theatre's janitor, not posting much but usually the one to delete old and forgotten threads.

Forum FantasyEdit

Chewie is the first admin fought in Forum Fantasy: Prelich's Journey to Manhood and takes the form of the Yeti enemy from Final Fantasy VI but with the sprite recolored.

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