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"Aww yeah, tha's right. Full on worker's hat, glasses and beard up this bitch. Also got this deck black scarf, a jacket my mom bought me and these deck sweatpants. I've got my guitar, got it for cheap $30 off a super market and I'm already master at it. I bet you guys don't know how to even play chords. I even collect vinyls for my turntable. Here I have Miles Davis, but you probably never heard of him, cuz jazz is 2deep4u. Just give up, I'm too indie for you."

'Sup bitches. C-to-the-B here, everyone's favourite hipster is up this shit. I bet your mighty scared to talk to me about music, because I'd obviously say your favourite band sucks, and that you've got no taste like I, as a mature, inteligent being would. Why don't you leave off that radio pop crap, Linkin Park and Nickelback and actually go and listen to something more meaningful and artistic, like Radiohead or Neutral Milk Hotel? Oh that's right, that stuff would be way too confusing and 2deep4u to keep up. I bet you never even heard of Sonic Youth or The Pixies. It'll probably blow your mind and make you die on the spot. I have to live with that shit every day, dawg, which makes my life endagered. Lemme tell ya, it ain't easy being this cool.




"Me with my fellow hipster brothers, just doing our thing, y'know?"

So, as you might've noticed already, music is my life, nigga. I only listen to the most sophisticated avant-garde experimental indie rock none of you ever heard, but is far more expressive than whatever they show on MTV these days. Rebecca Black? Justin Bieber? Pfft. Bitch, please. I support local underground bands who only share tapes with their best friends, and I am one of the privileged few who have the honour to have such beautiful music caress their eardrums. Not that you would get it or anything. I listen to everything except country and rap. And metal, since it's for children. My favourite genres are post-avant jazzcore and progressive dreamfunk. Here, check out my profile to see how utterly awesome my taste is.

My primary source of music news are Pitchfork Media and theneedledrop, though I doubt you've heard of them. They are always right and write about the deep and complex structures that make music for what it is, and don't bother about scoring those shit riffs or catchiness. They only care for deep music I like to listen to. There's also RateYourMusic, who make excellent charts for the best albums of all time as well as for the films. These lists are 100% accurate and I follow them with great dedication. And you should too, unless you want to be an autistic manchild who'll never get laid.

Sonic 1-03 ver.3

"Some of my artwork. Here's a Sanic the Hegehog comic. Be careful, you might get your eyes blown away by the awesomeness and be left permanently blind."


Oh yeah, that's right, y'all. I'm also an artist. Probably the best you've ever seen. I draw this perfect blend of western and japanese influences which bring comic art to its logical conclusion and purest form. I have my profile on deviantART, but none of you really watch me because you're obviously stunned by how amazing my comics are. You must be in hanging in the corner right now crying because you'll never be this good. I go to this highly prestigious school which is only led by the most talented comic book artists in the country, and I happen to be their most favourite student.

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  • Clownboss likes Odd Futures #swagon1million
  • Clownboss could be described as a 21st Century Schizoid Man. One with swag, that is.
  • "Dude what the fuck I'm the King Crimson guy around here fuck off" - Shepski
  • "Haha, apparently you don't know that Clownboss is into King Crimson too, do you? Oh, and I recently became a fan too, their music is epic." - The guy who just won't fuck off.
  • "He has a very awesome taste in music." - Arulpragasam
  • "A very awesome dude." - MacD11
  • "OMG HE EATZ FOOD!" - Camelslayer
  • "I dare you too attack his beloved Yui... Go on, I dare ya~ See where that gets ya~" - KuroSerpentina
  • "K" The Water Waka
  • Clownboss is #swagfilled