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 The Autarch of Flame (YouTube)Joshscorcher (YouTube)RabbidLuigi (YouTube), others.

"Countdown Making" or the creation of Top 10's, 5's, 25's, etc is a common Chaos Theatre practice. In fact, the efforts of co-founder of the Theatre and catalyst for the Chaos Theatre style of countdowns, The Autarch of Flame can be credited almost entirely for the Theatre's popularity. Over time many of followed and certain tropes and consistencies have been created.

Countdown VideosEdit

Typical AspectsEdit

Video Countdowns have a basic "skeleton" that they are built around. Quite simply, an introduction, the entries, and the conclusion. How each of these are handled varies between the creators.

The IntroductionEdit

Many video countdown makers will include two things in thier introduction: a video that is routinely used in the creator's videos (referred to as signature videos) and the actual explanation of the countdown proper.

  • The order of these is not set. It is possible that the creator will even have parts of the explanation before and after the signature video.
  • If the video is a collaboration, the reasons and people involved are explained.
  • It is possible that the creator will forgo the signature for time purposes.
  • If the countdown is divided between more than one video, there may be a much more brief section to "reintroduce" the countdown.

The EntriesEdit

The main feature of a countdown. This is where the creator will list the candidates of their topic (an example being "Top Ten Moments in Gaming,) counting down in reverse numerical order (I.e. 10, 9, 8, ... 2, 1) while giving thier reasons for placing the entry at that spot. Each entry will likely be preceded by a transition displaying the position of the upcoming entry.

  • The number of entries is not always 10, or even a multiple of 5, although that is most common.
  • If the countdown is split in two videos, there may be an "idle segment" which simply informs the viewer that the rest of the countdown is in another video, often with a link.
  • There may be a "recap" before the final entry, where the creator briefly lists the other entries. However, this practice has become obsolete as of late, and most modern countdowns do not include a recap.
  • Some countdowns include a "(Dis)Honorable Mentions" section to credit entries that, though they did not make the actual list, the creator still felt deserve a mention on the video. This usually happens before the final entry or during the credits.

The ConclusionEdit

After the creator finishes with the last entry of the countdown proper, the creator will give a conclusion, often giving thier ideas on the "theme" of the countdown as a whole. Usually, then, the credits roll.

  • There may be a clip after the credits, either as a joke, or as a lead-in for the creator's next video.
  • Some creators will have specific ways to end thier videos, such as Joshscorcher's distinct "KA-BOOOOM", or KBMadhouse's routine "Lights out".
  • After the credits, the creator may advertise other videos they have made, as well as offering viewers to subscribe and visit their other social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter.

Major video Countdown MakersEdit

The following Chaos Theatre members are countdown makers. This does not include all members.

Text CountdownsEdit

A large number of the Chaos Theatre's members have an interest in countdowns, but do not have the equipment or time to create thier own videos.  Thus many create text-only countdown lists on the forum proper.

Major text countdown makersEdit

Felix Falora A.K.A. Psychotic Nekomata


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