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Usually what his usual appearance is.

Cyborg-Lucario is a member of the Chaos Theatre Forum, and is a cybernetic Pokémon (duh!), who's also a ninja! ...which explains why he doesn't make too much sound around him.

In real life so is he mostly known as either Alex or Alexander, but nothing more is known about this cyborgic creature. He was held at a prison college in Sweden where no Wi-Fi is allowed for free for the students (it's utter crap anyway).

But now he's just workless (at the moment).

He is of course a gamer who likes/loves almost anything Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Konami, Namco and Square Enix. But he does like games not made by these companies.

He also is a huge fan of super heroes, both western and Japanese, and robots, big a$$ robots.

He has made a name among a few as the author for a few fanfictions about Pokémon crossing with Power Rangers/Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. But he is slooooooooooooooow when it comes to making chapters and uploading them.

Work for the Chaos TheatreEdit

He hasn't really made much for the community, except for writing a few text countdowns, with his famous being "Top Ten Fabulous Characters In Gaming".

But at the moment so is he working on his first Vocal Countdown and a secret project with someone else.

He also made a review of Lego City Undercover for WiiU.

He's sometimes writing Pokémon Conquest: Chaos Theatre Edition, based on the Pokémon crossover with Nobunaga's Ambition, but with the Chaos Theatre members instead of the historical Japanese characters.

Relation with other membersEdit

  • TyrranoGamer and Cyborg-Lucario are both Lucario themed users, making them rivals of sort.
  • He's in good terms with The Water Waka, Gahmah Raan and Keybladeoverlord (even though the latter one is supposed to be a villain)
  • Speaking of villains, his relation to Kuro Serpentina is not so known. They do seem to be friendly with each others.
  • He and Alabzam are certainly friends. They both loves Transformers Prime and Kamen Rider.
  • Even though he and the Autarch are both called Alex in real life, so aren't they friends as of yet. For now, he just a fan of the Autarch.
  • He has talked with ShadowKenji on Skype, that makes them closer to friends.


  • His Youtube account is called Shindoun, which is named after a fictional race of his and the name of his company (that in reality doesn't exist yet).
  • Is a really good Mario Kart player.
  • Is not a brony nor a fan of MLP: FiM. He just thinks it's a surprisingly good show from what he has seen. He does like Luna though.
  • Is autistic, or has Asperger's.
  • He's picky with what he eats and doesn't like Pizza and most fruits and vegetables. But he's still healty.
  • Is a furry (is not one of the sick ones, even if he does have strange preferences (DON'T JUDGE ME!).

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