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Malcolm in real life

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Malcolm Neill


Malcowright, Gaming News Guy, Hawkboy







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Malcolm Belmont is a member of the Chaos Theatre. He enjoys games, comics, super hero movies, anime and TV shows.

I have lived in Aberdeen for all of my life and i have pretty much played video games all my life. Ever since my mum got my older brother a Special Pokemon Pikachu Gamboy ( Which i still own) and a PS1 ( Which i still have but i don't know where it is). I have been enjoying Video Games ever since. I have always prefered Handhelds to Consoles because you can  play Video Games anywhere you like. My Favourite Gaming Genre is Platformer but i like some RGS. My Favourite Countdownmaker is the Quatrguy and my favourite youtube channel is WatchMojo because of their Superhero Origin Videos.  I have always wanted to get into Countdown Making but for a couple of reasons i sadly can't. I have always admired pepole like the Autarch and Animalguy001 for producing quality videos. 

I am also a fan of movies and my favourite time of movies is Comic Book Movies..some of my favourites in that catagory include The Dark Knight and The Avengers ( My Favourite Movie of all Time). When i was younger i used to watch a lot of Futurama and The Simpons but now i don't anymore. Instead i watch shows like Arrow and Legend of Korra. While i am not a huge TV Nut i do watch TV Shows from time to time but i can't stand reality tv shows like X Factor.


  • My Birthday is 6th July,1997
  • I have always had a Dog and my current one Ruby is named after Pokemon Ruby
  • I went to Olympic Park Last year with my family
  • My Brother is Disabled ( But he can still walk with sticks) and i have a Twin Sister called Sandrine
  • I have never been a Brony but pepole in my school call me a Brony

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