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"That's me in a Ness Costume"

Real Name

Elijah Berry


Dokemon, PlasmaBlade13


Procrastinating Artist





Member Since

2011 (V1-V4)


Elijah Berry's Reference sheet

His cartoon persona

He's too lazy to edit this page at the moment, also he'd be impatient about his page not being made so if anyone wants to expand this go ahead.

Who is this boy?Edit

He started off on deviantart at the very early age of 10 in October 5th, 2005, at the time his drawing skills was not very good, and he only had Microsoft Paint to draw digitally. When he obtained Macromedia Flash MX, he used that to draw comics, yet he didn't know how to export flash images into JPGs, so he literally put some images into Macromedia Fireworks, and they ended up being blurry and hard to see. Later he started working on Dokemon Chronicles, which would've been the most fanficcy thing ever since it's like Kingdom Hearts with the most random choices for crossovers and probably be plothole ridden. He had big plans for it and he would've made it gone on longer for 2 seasons, a prequel, and possibly adapt it into a manga or RPG. He was working on it for several years, but due to school, entertainment (TV and video games), and family summer vacations to Mexico that he didn't need (seriously my parents leave me and my older siblings there for the whole summer), he could not complete the episode. (for the better) Later on, he'd make a brief comeback in 2011 when he decided to work more on drawings, especially since he's been taking drawing classes in high school. Eventually in his Junior year, he took a Graphic Design class and started doing Flash again. Then in his second semester, he discovered that Adobe Photoshop was better than Fireworks, so he switched to Adobe and got other Adobe products through Creative Cloud. He joined the Chaos Theatre thinking he could get a larger audience and share his projects. He does but not often. He occasionaly makes reviews and countdowns (see possible projects), and they are hit or miss. Here's hoping that Elijah Berry can create something big and an attention getter.

What the Chaos Theatre Thinks of HimEdit

He seens pretty talented, but its hard to pin-point why... Somedays its like he doesn't exist and others he's the king of the party. In sort: Needs an avatar, it'll make him more memorable~ -KuroSerpentina

What has he actually done?Edit

Super Paper Mario reviewEdit

He didn't like the idea that the game is a platformer even though the Paper Mario series isn't meant to a platformer, he also think Mario did little to help the story outside of being a playable character. Several people disagreed with his opinion, saying they liked it regardless of the genre change. But they liked it for the introduction of his rating system based on their worth than numbers. (He also hinted on a review on Final Fantasy XII which he reacted fearfully)

Top 5 Characters That I Want OUT of SSB4Edit

Since the hype of the new Super Smash Bros game coming to Wii U and 3DS, he decided to up the antie by talking about characters he doesn't want in the next game. (Though Toon Link is announced later in the website) The reception was interesting. Even though they largely disagreed with his choices, they still enjoyed the review regardless. Some people thought he was nitpicking, specifically on Falco trying to defend him for not being a clone, and Jigglypuff using the theory that if the character was in the original Nintendo 64 game, they will always be in future installments.

The Chaos Theatre Animated SeriesEdit

In October 2011, Dokemon Studios planned to do a flash animated series based on members of the Chaos Theatre. Many members want to be in as a character, or as writers. The first episode hasn't been written yet, but episodes have been planned.

Synopsis: A young Canadian College student who calls himself the Autarch of Flame came across an abandoned building called the Chaos Theatre he thought about obtaining the building with his friends the Rince, Chewie, Krazier, and a transfer student name Psychotic Nekomata, and make it into an entertainment building (with movies and an arcade). But knowing that the crime rate rose up higher with the arrival of a league of villains, he also decided to make it a Secret base for heroes. (This premise is inspired by another flash animated series called International Moron Patrol)

Episode List:Edit

1. Rise of the Chaos Theatre (first episode)

2. Tales of the Disney Knock-Offs (Would be short stories parodying those animated films that rip off Disney. Example: Swan Princess, Thumbilina)

3. That (Parody of IT)

4. Haters of the Harsh Dark (Parodying those movies where some guy look for some ancient treasure like Indiana Jones, hence the title which is a parody of Raiders of the Lost Ark)

5. The Scorpio's King (Part 2 of the treasure hunting episode. The title is an obvious parody of the Scorpion King)

6. The Day Before Tomorrow After Yesterday During Two Days After The Day After Tomorrow minus Three Days. (Another 2 parter. Parodying a lot of Rolland Emmerich's Disaster Movies)

7. 48 Hours Later (2nd part. Title parodies 28 Days Later)

8. Cast-a-Wicca (A Play on words of Casablanca, and Wicca which is sort of a term for Witch's Spell. I heard it on an episode of The Simpsons. Maybe we can make it a romance episode.)

9. Scarchase (The title parodies Scarface, how ever if you remove the first S in Scarchase, you get car chase.)

10. Lime and Furnishment (Never thought of a Plot so I made this title at random. By the way, the title is a parody of Crime and Punishment)


Halloween: The Pawn of the Dead (If you don't get the Parody of the title, you must be sheltered.)

Christmas: It's a Weird Life (I just replaced Wonderful with Weird for this Parody Title. Which the Episode itself could be based on It's a Wonderful Life)

(As of 2013, it is unknown if DokemonStudios or any other member would continue this idea)


  • He is the first recruitable character in Chaos Theatre: Tower of Madness. His sandstorm attack is amazingly useful.

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