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dpolaristar is a relatively new member of the Chaos Theater that, despite his short length, has made a small mark

Dpolaristar wacthes you when you sleep

on the community. He is one of the more analytical and philosophical Members of the theater with the flip side being that he is seemingly pretencious and long-winded always having to write an essay to express his thoughts!


A few years before dpolaristar joined the theater he made a Youtube account with the same name. Intending to do rants in the style of DarknesstheCurse and make AMV's. He has made three AMV's and two such rants thus far. He has given up on AMV's citing difficulty with Windows Movie Maker and has stopped making rants as he feels that on his Twilight rant he was beating a dead horse and that the rant format in general isn't really his style. (The Fairy Tales one was just for fun.) His videos have been mediocre at best and few and far between. This has been mostly due to him being busy with his required home school and his frustration with Windows Movie Maker. However he has recently gotten new video editing software and is finishing up his school and has been much more active and will probably be seeing more video that will progressivly improve.

His best friend also has a YouTube account and has co-stared in some of dpolaristar's videos his name is Mr. Sonicfan113; he, however is not a member of the Chaos Theatre. dpolaristar also has a brother who is an Otaku (much to dpolaristar's annoyance), and has made several AMVs on his channel; he is known as SilentSteps100.

What inspired dpolaristar to start making countdowns was more of the community of countdown artists rather then any one specific countdowner. He also was inspired by Internet reviews such as kNIGHTWING01 (though Mr.Sonicfan113 more so then him.), and reviewers on That Guy With The Glasses, namely JesuOtaku. He also has cited influence from an (in his opinion) underrated YouTuber, Richalverez, as evidence in his early videos of him ripping off the "please subscribe" messages that would frequently appear at the end. His first few countdowns were text countdowns, but has since releashed one vocal countdown, which is to be expected to be followed by more superior ones. He has expressed interest in redoing some of his old countdowns in the future. He also plans on starting a Blip account and possibly joining in the future. Though he has yet to submit a show due to him wanting to wait until he abtains more experience.

His motives for joining the Chaos theater is he wanted to become part of the countdown community and likes the idea of doing crossovers which he plans to do once he has established himself as a competent countdowner.


dpolaristar is an analytical, intense thinking person, that thought offering some deep insights can be annoying when every answer he gives has to be a pondering on the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.(Which according to his calculations is actually 42.667853132991035779.) This has led people like Camelslayer to state that he "Overthinks everything" (A fact he readily admits to.) He also can be a bit preachy when it comes to morality and his Christian faith.(Though he often criticizes the modern western church as well) He can seem pretencious with his demeanor, use of vocabulary, and Sage like figure as an icon. But has refrained from giving an analysis or commenting too much on subjects he is not familiar with.

He also has been known for giving insightful treatment of multiple subjects including touchy ones. And Despite his Autism is fairly good at explaining things.(If not too good) However he has stated that though he is skilled in online communication where you can take your time to read, ponder, and type a thoughtful response. In instantaneous everyday communication he shows some of his shortcomings. This causes him to have to prepare and memorize responses and speeches for certain reactions and topics rather then reply naturally like a human being. When he is caught off gaurd however the results can be akward at best and diastrous at worse.

Dpolaristar is also despite his dry wit and occasional referential humor very much a "straight man" and can come accross as harsh when he doesn't mean to. This is best demonstrated when a new member the Seeker of Equations have himself an introduction thread. And Dpolaristar, misinterpreting his intentions.(Though the Seeker will attest he did communicate a bit poorly his intentions.) Got on to him about introductions with fanfare. Upon realization of his undue criticism he promptly apologized.

However he at times shows his more insane side of his personality and his eccentricity, autism, and tendency to think to much leave an "interesting" character. (Whether that is a good or bad thing is up to discussion.) He seems to be unaffected and immune to certain jesting from insane psycopaths such as Nekomata and his apprentince Hawk.

Who he consider's his friends on the theater:

Avrail(The only person as "thinky thinky" as himself)

Mermaid Amy(For being a compassionate and humble human being with suprising rich inner life)

Protagonist(For being a close runner up with Avrail and making an awesome roleplay.)

The Dedicated Gamer (a.k.a. Kaiskov09) (For being a good contributer to discussions.)

JackOfTrade(For giving a rare but interesting comment from time to time.)

The N7 Commander(For similar taste and being like minded, he became a closer friend to him once Dpolaristar joined the Game Family.)

Will not discuss people that annoy me, (You know who you are....I think.) but doesn't mean I dislike you.


dpolaristar wandered into the Chaos theater one day as part of his Quest to find the meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything and has calculated the number thus far around the figure 42.667853132991035779. It's remored that true to his name is very much the North Star Polaris himself that fell from the Heavens. He seeks to create an archive where all the secrets of the Universe can be found. So far he has slavaged The White robe form Journey(Which he proudly wears as a testament to his enlightenment.) The Ocarina of Time used by an incarnation of Link, a Deathnote(That he keeps in a secret location.) An old robot from Laputa, some salvaged pieces from the orginal pieces of Megaman.(He is looking for X) Ever videogame incarnation of the Masamuna(He is looking for a piece of Masamuna's DNA to clone the man himself.) He is currently looking for members to help him with his collection, his biggest project is collected the 8 melodies from Earthbound(And Mother 3 as well.)And to reclaim Majora's Mask.(He claims to have been the one to have crafted it and he planned to have the Skull Kid have it and the Hero of Time to come when he did for an experiment on how people cope with diaster) whether or no this is true has yet to be proven. His current prize he is looking for is the The Autarch of Flame's sword.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Dpolaristar has studied multiple cultures and philosophies making him a force to be recokoned with in debates. This combined with his telephatic powers, analyital prowness, and love of psycology makes him niegh invincible in the mental plane of combat.

In the physical plane of combat he is by no means a slouch. He utilizes a special style of combat that is designed to "sycncronize with the atmosphere of the flow." whatever this means he appears to use graceful dance like movements when he fights and returns an oppenents force against them. He also utilizes psychic like abilities to redirect matter and energy into different forms and much like his physical combat, seems to keep the fight going into a flow. This allows him to take on oppenents much stronger then him and exploit any kind of weakness with his variety of attack options. The only downside is that other then his powers of mind, he is by no means any more superhuman then the average man. Then again......we're not sure what kind of man he is or if he is even human.


-He is a fan of the web series Extra Creditz and was infact inspired by the episode "Aesthetics of Play" for his first vocal countdown.

-He is perfectionist and overly ambitious which leads him to releasing very few projects none of which have been 100% satisfatory.

-He is a large proponent of Jungian pyscology and Myers Briggs Personality type. Self-identifying as an INTP. He once even posted not only a personality Test but also a guide to converting personality type into super powers that got less attention then other stupid posts about keyblades and what not.

-He use to not like MaverickHunterZero75, the One Winged Angel pasing him off as "another Sephiroth fanboy" but after seeing more of his videos grew to like his varied tastes.(Thus he now says "screw first impression")

-Can't stand odd numbers. He used to not even allow an odd number as the volume of the television set.

-Is a large proponent of Joseph Campell's Monomyth or the Hero's Journey, in fact his Avatar was inspired by Journey a Game that is a living interactive experience of the Hero's Journey.

-Is a great proponent of Games being Art and can't stand when GAMERS don't want games to be art because they think it means that Games can't be fun as if fun and art are opposed!

-Finds Presentation important but can't stand graphics that are realistic out of obligation rather then inspiration.

-Loves animation

-Is a large proponent of Christianity (Though he critcizes what he calls so-called "Christians" and the modern church)

-Cannot stand people talking negatively about things they don't know.

-Refuses to Play games or watch films with gratious dark content.(Bayonetta, Lollipop Chainsaw, etc.)

-Is a bit of a feminist but can call out radical feminism.

-Doesn't mind controversy for a good cause but cannot stand trolls.

-Apparently is a fan of Utada Hikaru.

-Likes Parody of both things he likes and Hates.(Example: Equestria Fortress 2)

-Claims he would be a brony and like the idea of MLP if not for the pacing.(He likes an old faishion lesuirely pace.)

-Claims to be a good voice actor but you couldn't tell one way or another because he uses a built in mike.

-Has expressed dislike for the Pokemon series, though he admires certain aspects of it.

-Despite being the textbook definition of hipster doesn't like not identify with the term. As the fact that the term now has a definition is too mainstream.(A paradox?)

-Despite being a Christian hates Christmas. (And states it's not really a Christian holiday citing historical accounts of anit-semitism and "slapping a Christian label on the solstice.")

-Is a High functioning Autistic individual.

-Hates many franchises many others love such as God of War, Grand Theft Auto, Fable, and the old Resident Evil's.(He likes 4, 5, and 6 a little.)


-"If QuarterGuy says Super Castlevania IV's music gives one an organasm.(how juvinelle), then Listen the Utada Hikaru's vocals is the sweet romantic arroma of a passionate and intimate honeymoon between fated Lovers that have through blood and tears come togethor in a sincere, innocent, yet errotic bond."

"Hipster is too mainstream!"

-"Fun (as well as many other things.) is subjective and overrated."


-"If I Overthink things. Then the world needs to have the Overthinkers and the Hard Workers Get togethor some time."

-"So Many people are "non-comformist" that is no longer means anything."

-"Fire isn't an Element it's a reaction."

-"If there's one thing I learned it's screw First Impressions!"

-"Who says she has good self-esteem people that have bad self-esteem don't go around saying it! They are Show-offs the #1 suicide rate is with the rich! So don't give me she's a strong character crap!"  Referring to Bayonetta.

-"What if you like the lemons and hate the Lemonade."

-"Whoever invented the phrase it's so bad it's good obviously had self-esteem issues with his (lack) of talent."

-"It there anyone else besides me that thinks 95% of all anime in existence is overrated?"

-"If immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the proverb "Beware of flatterers"  is all the more true."

-"Happy Anti-semitism Day!" -in reference to Christmas

You can find his Youtube channel here: