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The Embodiment of Speed

The Embodiment of Speed (EoS) is an 18 years old Dutchie from the Chaos Theatre. While not very much is known about what exactly he is, a Shape Shifter might be the most accurate thing to say because he never knows what avatar to pick or what mascot to have. But he's a fan of speedy characters so you might see a pattern. He needs to get his mind straight though.

His real life name is Dylan Bokxie. The backname is also one of his many nicknames. For one reason or another someone wants to be him so it often happens that he puts FTW behind his nickname to avoid confusion. Though he isn't really sure if that actually helps.

He currently goes to college against his will to study as Company Administrator/Accountancy. It is yet unknown if he actually likes it. He also works at the supermarket where he basically does everything, ranging from cash desk to vegetables to dairy produce. He also goes to the gym because he lacks self-confidence and discipline. And it is known that he likes both work and the gym, so he isn't that negative.

Only being 18 years old, he has already played an enormous amount of games and also having almost every well known console in his collection. He is known as a Sonic freak, but also has a love relation with Tales of (which deserved much more attention in his opinion), Mega Man and Final Fantasy. And more but he doesn't want to bore you with his endless blabbering.

Dylan also likes to watch Anime, but doesn't want to be called Otaku. He only watches anime when at school or he has nothing better to do. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood will always remain as his favorite anime of all time.

Video making and ScriptingEdit

On youtube, Dylan is known as BokxieFTW. Many people complimented him for his originality. He was happy with all those compliments.
Zero - Standing

His current mascot, because Zero is total awesomeness.

While he loves to make videos, he has some technical issues. He is in need of a new headset before he makes a real start. Sometimes the quality also ignores him, making him very sad in the progress. Poor buddy.

Bokxie's main specialty are Reviews and Countdowns. He loves to share his opinion with other people and also exchange those. Though he's always trying to be as accurate as possible, there are some flaws. To which he replies that nobody is perfect.

It is also known that while he loves modern games, that he is also a retro freak. On a positive note, he also loves to make reviews about both retro and modern games, providing videos for everyone.

He loves to make scripts. Whenever he has free time, he's making scripts. Or watching anime but nobody cares about that. Usually he reads his scripts over and over again and see if he can make it better and funnier. While he currently has technical issues, he has several scripts ready so when those issues are solves, he will come at you at full charge. choo choo.

Whenever something comes in his mind, he writes it down. If he will use those ideas is yet to be confirmed, but it's a start to say the least.

Videos made by the Embodiment of SpeedEdit



  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (CANCELLED)


  • None so far

The Chaos TheatreEdit

Bokxie has been on the forums for quite some time now, but often left. He is not the person who stays on forums for a very long time, unless he likes the forum. For the moment being, he is still active on The Chaos Theater.
Pride epic2

Pride/Selim Bradley, his current avatar

He always had a certain dislike towards post counts, as he is a moderator on a different forum where people tend to spam and make non-constructed posts. Despite this, he has posted quite a lot on the forums, both the older versions and the current one.

He is mostly active on certain sections, including games and gaming news, anime and party games. Of course, he does visit the other sections too with the exception of the Arena and Role-Playing. That is mainly because he isn't too interested in Role-Playing and because he tends to go god mode pretty fast. For example, he went Ultimate Hyper Dimensional Super Insane Cheerleader with Red eyes and a Beautiful red cape before. He refuses to tell why.

He is quite the shy person but tends to make friends easily. SuperSonicLucario01, Mustard and the Falcon Punch Master are some of the people which made him stay on the forum. The Water Master Fawn, Pokepikoo and RavenKingSage are also people he loves to chat with. He also mentions that he surely forgot some people, but also states that literally everyone on the forum is his friend, unless he never spoke them.

He took 3 different usernames, but ultimately stayed with Bokxie. His first one was Embodiment of Speed, which he then changed to his user title. His second one was Shadow, but due to controversies surrounding the name and being quote yet another Shadow quote ends, he decided to change it. People appreciated it, which made him happy.


  • Bokxie loves everything surrounding speed, henche why he chose the title. He also is a huge fan of ice but decided that this one fits him better.
  • Bokxie is secretly in love with his signature girl Last Order. He thinks that she has the cutest voice ever
    Last order to aru majutsu no index render by chibiaka96-d6upcdg

    Last order

    and is an overall very loveable character. He isn't really in love with her but he loves to overexaggerate. Because Whynaut.
  • He has the reversal difficulty syndrome, which he came up with himself. He tends to find hard bosses such as the Yellow Devil from Mega Man not that difficult, while he has trouble with bosses such as Hyades from Tales of Eternia.
  • Around his town, he is known as one of the happiest people you'll ever see. You will barely see him angry.
  • The happiest people are sometimes also the most insane. Don't get on his wrong side OHHOHOHOHO <3
  • Bokxie can really brabble on about the most pointless things. He also uses this in his advantage, because he can make people laugh easily with it.
  • While he might not be a Brony, he does have some interest in My Little Pony. However, he has only watched one episode so far, which was on television by accident.
  • He likes Hamtaro.
  • Has a little bit of autism, but he doesn't seem to mind it. It gives you #swag #yolo was his reply when we asked him.
  • He can be a bit shy. He won't deny this fact.
  • However, when he is in a conversation, he is almost always talking. He sees this as an accomplishment, because he was a pretty anti-social kid during his middle school time.
  • He does lack concentration at times. He can't help it. Nobody can help it.
  • Give him chocolate and you are his best friend.
  • On that note though, Bokxie sees everyone as his friend, as long as they don't get on his bad side.

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