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May 17, 1994

"F is for F$%# you, thanks for your money. U is for Unfair bulls#$%. N is for Never-ending pain and screams of rage down here in the deep, dark pit!"

--Tune using the Spongebob FUN song during Top 10 Annoyances in Video Games, describing Instant Kills.

Logan Atkins (aka Fawful's Minion, Animalguy001) is a very successful YouTube producer. Born on May 17 and first started on March 6, 2010, he currently lives 40 miles south from Carr in California.

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Logan first had an inspiration for countdown making thanks to FlamesonFire1212; most people would have inspiration from Peanut3423 and Joshscorcher, not him!

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Fawful Makes Clothes! Edit

Logan has started his own clothing line in June of 2017. Much like Rabbid, he, too, started merchandising with his own designs on T-shirts. He hopes to expand to other articles including hoodies and sweatshirts, as well as advancing his quirky imagery with plenty of customization! Check him out to the link below:

Major Makeover Edit

On February 9, 2018, Logan announced there'd be a massive update on his channel, as well as reworking Patreon rewards, and some movie reviews; although the regulars would be shunned with stills and casual music while Patreons get the full content. A lot of his older projects will be rehashed in a more advanced way, as a huge step-up from his angsts while using a desktop mic in conjunction with Movie Maker; 15 are in his disposal. During the 7th anniversary of his channel, on March 7, he'll be re-presenting his Top 10 Super Mario Games. It's also possible he'll remake his countdowns at least once per month. There's the chance that he'll delete his ole content for obvious reasons. Here's the lineup:

Trivia Edit

  • His first screen name was actually Animalguy001; he loves animals and he usd to watch Animal Planet's The Most Extreme series.
  • The Nintendo 64 was the first system Logan has owned ever since he was a toddler. His first game was Diddy Kong Racing, as described in his "Top 10 Nostalgic Games."
  • His favorite Rare game ISN'T Diddy Kong Racing, but Banjo-Tooie.
  • Halloween is hands down his favorite holiday of the year, even over Christmas or his own birthday.
  • His worst video game cliché is time limits.
  • Favorite color: Red
  • His favorite franchise is Starfox. His favorite N64 title is Starfox 64, which he got on Christmas while he was nearly four years old. He grew fascinated after he saw a demo of it. Although he first got Diddy Kong Racing instead as described in his Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games (2018).
  • His most hated character is Pigma Dengar from the Starfox series.
  • He's entertaining and crazy like Fawful from the Mario & Luigi series, hence the name. At first it was "Fawful's Headgear", but he changed it.
  • In his Top 10 Paper Mario Characters, he said that his favorite female character in the entire Mario franchise is Vivian.
  • One of his main topics on his channel is Pokémon; this started before his Top 100 as he used to talk to friends for hours on it.
  • He used to have a running gag during some of his videos; when Peter Griffin sings "Surfing Bird" something hilarious happens to him.
  • He actually prefers space to be a better concept than time.
  • His favorite game of all time is "Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story."
  • He loves Bug-type Pokémon, and he considers Ghosts second.
  • He likes Electric-types better than Fire-types, excepting Entei and Magmortar.
  • His favorite Pocket Monster used to be Darkrai. Nowadays, it's Tapu Koko.
  • His favorite Pokémon Gen used to be Generation 4, now it's Generation 5.
  • He's known to have a deep hatred for Charizard.
  • Aside from his craziness and humor, he's a sprite animation artist.
  • His forte is editing videos.
  • His first intro was a mix-up of Reach for the Stars and Tropical Resort Act 1/3 from Sonic Colors. His current intro is Imagic by RealFaction.
  • Logan always loves Chinese food.
  • Least favorite video game genre: horror. Most favorite: RPG. In fact he considers Paper Mario as the best RPG of the fifth generation. Even a hell of a lot more than Final Fantasy VII!!
  • Favorite movie genres: animation and comedy.
  • He always follows his heart over his mind; he believes happiness is more important than intellect.
  • Favorite Smasher thus far is Pac-Man, second best is Little Mac.
  • Metroid Other M is his favorite Metroid game.
  • AVGN, Cjszero01, and Somecallmejohnny are his favorite Youtubers.
  • First game ever: Starfox 64. Ironically, the first game he grew attached to was Diddy Kong Racing upon his first console, the N64.
  • Favorite adult animated series: Family Guy (he's wrong)
  • Favorite animal: Yellow dart frog
  • He's known as a Nintendo nerd, and has owned nearly EVERY console. He also owns an Atari, PS1, PS2, PS3.
  • Favorite actor role: Michael J. Fox as Chance in Homeward Bound.
  • Favorite Team Fortress 2 Class: Always the Pyro!
  • He goes to college to get a bachelor's for film.
  • Favorite movie: Wreck-it Ralph
  • It's kind of unclear if his birthday coincidentally falls on the same day on his parents' wedding anniversary; as mentioned in his creepy pasta, "A_one, are you?" It also said ever since he was 5, he had the house to himself during the anniversary; that also could be inaccurate. On May 22, 2014, he suffered the same nightmare for about two years; thus the creepypasta.
  • He first owned Bowser's Inside Story, favorite all-time game, when he got it at a game store while he was 15.
  • He utterly despises wrestling, as mentioned in his Top 10 Paper Mario Moments.
  • 3 is the magic number in Luigi's Mansion, as Section 3 is his favorite place, and King Boo counts as his third favorite Mario villain.
  • He mentioned once in his Genre Elitists that SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom was his favorite 3D platformer, then came Pac-Man World 2 in his Killjoys list, and now in his eighth anniversary video, he says it's Super Mario Odyssey? Make up your mind, man!
  • According to his Top 10 Robots Remastery, his favorite Ratchet & Clank game is A Crack in Time.