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Finlay Ireland


Finndread, Findread, The dread Wanderer


Lets Player, Student





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While Finndread's presence is small in the Theatre, his over all aura is felt throughout.

Finndread's Channel Icon

Finndread was a lesser known Youtube LPers, who loved the work done by the members of the Chaos Theatre. Then Forum Fantasy came out and he LPed it. And lost his sanity.

His Insanity was guided by Kuro Serpentina (An Artisan of Madness, who's job is to drive people insane, with payment of Muffins) and FuryofSingingFlames {RainStar} (for the LOLZ) and he made it through Forum Fantasy & became the first person to do a full LP of the game, at the cost of his sanity.

He started his LP, without any connection to the Theatre. However, he joined shortly after reaching Hell, to help fix the Glitch with the SkyPortal.

It was confirmed he was kidnapped by the League of Evil, but he has been to have been devoured by their madness and as should, joined their ranks... As the eternal new guy, destined to die in all their works as an injoke.

Finndread's favourite Technique is Pre-Nerf Rabbid Thump

He raced TyrannoGamer to the bottom of botlantis in a livestream. Said livestream was viewed by such names as "Psychotic Nekomata", "The Autarch of Flame", "The Coffee Man", "Kuro Serpentina", "Mediamaster", "Gahmaraan" and "Kaiskov"

Finndread is now putting a lot of focus into his newest group, "Masochist's Reaction" a video reaction group that subject themselves to the worst the Internet can provide (Within reason). The group posts videos on its channel of the same name every week on Sunday. They have reacted to LPs, internet celebs, anime, fanfictions and much more beside. The group actually has an extremely highly level of accumalative skill, and as such are also looking into making other kinds of content, such as Lets Plays, Countdowns and Reviews. The main cast members (At the moment) are Findread/The Crimson Swordsman, Psi (pokeporus), Evan (Dark Angel/Attacking Zelda), Edgar(The Storm God). TheSilverKeyblade & KiriyaWave were original part of the main cast, but lost their status due to lacking activity.

Along with the Masochists Reactions, Findread deleted his old channel to start a new one. This is because he wanted a fresh start as he did not like the content he was producing and wants to make alot more edit focused and overall better content.


  • Finndread is one of the youngest Memebers of the Chaos Theatre (Being 13 when he first joined)
  • He has a one-way rivalry with TyrannoGamer
Nightcore - American Idiot02:21

Nightcore - American Idiot

"The Eternal Newguy is Pissed" Finndread's Battle Theme

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