Nir Netz A.K.A. the Forest Bug is a member of the Chaos Theater, the Revived Angels, and Absolute Zero. (previous member of Fate Hammer Studios, MAJ Gameplay, and Gamers United). As a person, he's your wild card. He's a cool headed and chill guy who enjoys music and art. He also has a passion for nature, which is one of the reasons why he's a furry. He's also a fan of CreepyPastas, but hates horror movies (hypocritical or what?) He also stutters, and even though he dreads it, he still gets through with it and says what he can say. As mentioned before, he's a fanatic for art and draws the thumbnails on his countdowns. He's also an animator, but is still getting the hang of it.

On the computer however, he's a gaming genius. He was inspired to fabricate countdowns when he started watching Green Scorpion. So far, he has made a few countdowns, but still has TONS of ideas he can start. In fact, right now he's working on a collab with AJ Herp. He's also making a Top 10 Games of Doom. The countdowns he released are Top 10 Fighting Game FInishers, Top 10 Gravity Falls Creatures, &Top 10 Reoccurring Video Game Beats. He also does reviews on his channel, like the review for Dust: An Elysian Tail.

On MAJ, he used to do Let's Plays with AJ Herp, Kai-Fi, & Yeah-GT.

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