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Gahmah Raan (real name is Matt), also simply called "Gahmah" or any other variation, is one of the oldest members on The Chaos Theatre Forum both in terms of biological and chronological age and time being a member on the Forum. He is an artist, with most of his works contributing to his on-going Star Wars fanfiction, Paranormalities, although on some occassions, he will draw other stuff (such as crossing over My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character Pinkie Pie with No More Heroes character Bad Girl).


Born near the end of the Gulf War (or more accurately, February 24, 1991), Gahmah Raan grew up in the southeastern United States, moving to various places throughout his childhood. As he grew up, not only did he develop a love for games and movies and such, he also developed a love for drawing. He is currently enrolled in some University that does not have a football team.

He first joined the internet in 2005 as part of the original forum, eventually taking the user name he used (and simplified and transformed over time) into something recognizable. He first posted artwork on Angelfire (though he's not as fond of his earliest work) and then moved to Photobucket once he ran out of webspace. Seeking more recognition and chances to speak up, he eventually settled into The Chaos Theatre forum after learning of it from Alex Rochon AKA The Autarch of Flame. Ever since, he's found more ways to expand himself, including making a YouTube channel and creating a DeviantArt account.

Significance to the SiteEdit

Despite being a normal member, Gahmah's most notable achievements include his artwork, the creation of the Star Wars: Paranormalities fanfic trilogy, and his role in The Chaos Theatre's first collaborative countdown. He also inspired a lot of other artists to start their own thread/portfolios on the forum, eventually leading to the creation of the Art section in User Media.

He even cooperated in The Chaos Theatre's first user collab.

He also appears in the freeware game, Forum Fantasy: Prelich's Journey to Manhood, as one of the many User enemies in random encounters. He appears in the fourth region in Hell, represented by an earlier concept design of Facadma, a character slated to appear in Star Wars: Paranormalities: Episode II. He may drop the item, Facadma's Eye, when slain, which can allow the player to use his ability of hacking other enemies.

Recently, he has also joined other members like The Coffee Man, UtterSpartan, Suki, and Psychotic Nekomata in weekly Livestream riffings (via Skype) of movies and sometimes episodes of My Little Pony G3.

Currently, he is also working on a frequently updated retrospective of the recently canceled animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, hoping to build interest in the series and help people catch up to its successor series, Star Wars: Rebels, should it borrow elements from that series.


  • Is autistic
  • Likes seafood
  • A Star Wars fan (he wouldn't be working on Paranormalities if he wasn't)
  • Favorite video game franchises are The Legend of Zelda and Metroid.
  • Online games he plays includes Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Vindictus, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. On SWTOR, he is a subscribed member, he mains the Jedi Covenant server and his Legacy name is "Vaelor", and has five characters so far.
  • Zodiac symbol is Pisces
  • Also a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. What? He may like freaky stuff, but he does have soft spot for cute stuff too.
  • Shares a birthday with Steve Jobs, Honus Wagner, and the founding of the Nazi Party.

Other LinksEdit

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Skype name: gahmahraan

Steam Profile: Gahmah Raan

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