Given how much of the Chaos Theatre's members are gamers, it's no surprise that there are many users that have an interest in making games.  This page will present both some of the notable works in progress, as well as some of the notable creative users the Theatre has.

Completed GamesEdit

  • Forum Fantasy: Prelich's Journey to Manhood - An RPG Maker VX game made by Camelslayer. It follows the events of a group of four mods trying to save the Chaos Theatre from chaos.
  • *Prepare To Die - Camelslayer's side project inspired by the Autarch's ''So You Think You're Good At Video Games''. Made in Game Maker. The game was finally released on May 16, 2013 and had 5 updates, the last one being V1.1, released in September of the same year.

Games in developmentEdit

  • Chaos Theater: Tournament of Madness - An RPG Maker VX Ace game currently in development by Gemsteam.
  • Grave Story - An RPG Maker VX Ace game currently in development by Camelslayer.
  • Chaos Heroes - An RPG Maker VX Ace RPG thats coming out in late 2015 by The Powerful Burst.

Canceled GamesEdit

  • Haunted 37 (Cancelled?) - An RPG Maker VX Ace horror game that was being developed by The Powerful Burst . It was going to take place after The Autarch's Top 10 Scariest Twin Peaks Moments, with Bob somehow returning with him teaming up with characters from various creepypastas to try to kill Chewie once again as an act of revenge. Burst has stated that the name was going to relate to the incident involving Error 37, which will be a major part of the story. Burst then canceled it and turned it into a Unity-powered 3D Horror game known as End Of Sanity, which is slated for a Fall 2014 release on PC. However, in March, Burst had posted weird things on V2.5, all of which say the phrase "H37LIVES".
  • Chaos Knights - A Mugen-Powered fighting game being developed by Kitsune Hawk. It was set to include 40 characters, which are either admins, mods, and users. The game had recieved controversy upon announcement as the creator only allowed for contact through Skype to be inserted into the game, along with the controversy that only admins, mods, and one user (joshscorcher) would get a story mode. Around late 2012, Psychotic Nekomata announced the cancellation of the fighting game on Hawk's behalf due to complications regarding Hawk's personal life.

Notable UsersEdit