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Gemsteam(YouTube Channel), Crystalin Paladin(Flipside Admin)

Gemsteam is a User and Game Maker at the Chaos Theatre. He is the creator of the upcoming video game, Chaos Theatre: Tournament of Madness.


Gemsteam trained as a Light mage for many years, before realising he sucks at being a Light Mage. He then attempted being an Earth Mage,  but some his old Light Mage traites slipped into his training, resolting in him discovering and patenting his own brand of Magic: Crystomancy (Use of Crystals to amplifie and Control light into a weaponised form). Gem often uses a Gunblade made of orange crystals to fight.

He has battles against Kuro Serpentina multiple times, becoming stronger each time. The classic "Paladin verses Ancient Evil" rivalry dynamic Gemsteam was going for ended up evolving into a close friendship. Kuro has stated he

Gemsteam's Custom Sprite for the Flipside Forums

considers Gem to be his Apprentice, which Gemsteam used to denie, but has became to claim as true. Gemsteam  has been noted to have managed to mimic Kuro's teleporting skill. As a late, Gemsteam has actually been refering to Kuro as "His Master", despite him being a warrior of Light & Kuro a warrior of Darkness. When queried about this, Gemsteam stated its because Kuro is the only Decent Villain he's ever met

Gemsteam is one of the five Arena Overlords, along with Kuro Serpentina, Keybladeoverlord, LoganightLegend and Water Waka.

Chaos Theatre: Tournament of MadnessEdit

A Demo for CT:TOM is currently available. While amazingly well constructed, with beautiful visions, likable characters, a
Guilty Gear Korean OST Pillars of the underworld (Ky's theme)04:57

Guilty Gear Korean OST Pillars of the underworld (Ky's theme)

"The Crystal Paladin" Gemsteam's Battle Theme

compelling story & a great use of music, it is glicthy as all hell. Is utterly worth a play, even if it crashed now & again. Gemsteam is addicted to producing & testing CT:TOM, which is why updates for the game take a long time to appear.


Gems is experienced in many forms of magic and is an expert at swordplay. He is a master and founder of Crystomancy. Using his Crystomancy, he can create and control crytals, which can be used for multiple purposes, from firing lazers to healing, shielding from attacks to disrupting his foes movement and skills. His battle style is that of a tank, soaking up damage and dealing a fair amount back. In previous battles, he has worn a reflective chest piece, though he has abandoned it recently in order to move faster. He used to wield twin Desert Eagles, and could use them with decent accuracy. Though he abandoned them long ago after realizing he was pretty much a blonde Dante. Despite his skill, he is rather weak when it comes to one-on-one combat, because his power is surprisingly meager when compared to the others in the Theatre. However, he earned his place among the greats for the way he uses his skills. His power may be less than most, but he knows how to drain out every drop of potential from them. This is why he has been known to abandon certain practices, so that he may focus on refining his existing arts. Weirdly, his skills are best suited to collaberative combat, his likable nature allows for bonds to be made with little effort and his skills as a supporter are unmatched.


  • Gemsteam is one of the Theatre's game makers, with his main projects being CT:ToM & a currenly un-named game featuring the members of the League of Evil.
  • Back before Gemsteam started wearing Sunglasses, his eyes were seen to be Wall-Eyed, or "Derped".
  • Is an Admin on the Flipside Forums.
  • Is considered by Keybladeoverlord as a true friend.
  • Is Kuro Serpentina's apprentince in the ways of speed and awesome.
  • Actually has brown hair in real life.
  • In a post-apocolyptic incarnation of the Chaos Theatre, the last vestages of human society worship him as a (once)living deity & follow his recorded teaching.

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