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Grave Story is an upcoming game being developed by Camelslayer on RPG Maker VX Ace as a spiritual successor to Forum Fantasy. Despite this, it does not take place on an internet forum; instead, it focuses on a typical fantasy setting, with the humor of Forum Fantasy involved.

Part of the inspiration stemmed from discussing what could potentially happen as a Forum Fantasy II.


Being developed on RPG Maker VX Ace, Camelslayer has currently had a significant amount of ease developing the game thus far due to the versatility of VX Ace and the amount of freedom the engine grants him. He is also significantly more passionate about the development of Grave Story as opposed to Forum Fantasy, since he is not bound to a "textbook on how to make his enemies."

Camelslayer developed enough to release an initial teaser on April 1, 2013. He expressed his goals with the game and overall desire to make it significantly better than Forum Fantasy, knowing the mistakes he made in it and the limitations he had.

He has so far started by laying out the classes and focused his efforts entirely on developing the skills for each before moving on to mapping and enemies, which will both be done simultaneously. He chose this approach to prevent the unorganized mess of skills that resulted in Forum Fantasy by literally making everything up as he created the game.

The last bit of info was from August 2013, notifying that the demo has been delayed.


Xiralv is a young alchemist and enchanter, rather adept at his profession. While relaxing in his home one day, he's suddenly attacked by a titanic Profane Dracolich, which instantly kills him after screaming senseless profanity at him and blasting him with his Decay Breath.
Started an Undead RPG

Started an Undead RPG.-0

He then wakes up in the Underworld, where he encounters Death. Death explains to him that a Necromancer is resurrecting an abnormally large number of undead. He also explains that Necromancy involves stealing the dead from the Underworld, which essentially puts Death out of a job. So, he makes a bargain with him- he will raise Xiralv as a wraith, eliminate this Necromancer, and he will be resurrected, given back the life that was unfairly stolen from him.

He is risen as a Wraith Avenger at the point of his death, only to find his home completely destroyed... and the Necromancer he's been asked to kill. Turns out she's also the one responsible for his death, making his task to kill her a personal one. She flees, and he sets out after her to eliminate her... both for his life and for revenge.


The gameplay is a massive improvement over that of Forum Fantasy's.

The battle system has taken a massive overhaul; it's much quicker and visually much more appealing. All elemental attacks, with the exception of the physical elements, are completely balanced. In other words, where the level 2 Ice magic has 250 base damage, so does every other level 2 elemental spell. This ensures that no element is useless.

Another massive change is the Class system. There are multiple classes that each character can learn, nine of which are shared between all characters; Fighter, Mage, and Rogue classes, with two advanced classes for each, are all usable classes by any character. Each character, however, does have classes exclusive to them; Xiralv can become an Alchemist and an Enchanter, whereas Lilith starts out as a Sorceress and can eventually become a Blood Mage. Each class also levels up individually.

The class system is also complimented with a JP system. Skills are not learned by leveling up; instead, the characters will earn JP in battles for the class they're currently using, and it is used to buy skills whenever the player wants. This system will help the player pick and choose what they want when they want to make their class effective; if a character feels that becoming a mage and learning Holy magic first is the right choice, this is available to them. Alternatively, they could just as easily turn into a Fighter and learn Power Attack. JP is not shared between classes, and must be learned for each class individually. Some skills, however, do have requirements, such as learning a certain skill before another can be learned. The Level 2 Fire magic cannot be learned until the Level 1 Fire magic has been learned.

The game will also feature an Alchemy system, exclusive to Xiralv's alchemical talents. None of Xiralv's alchemy-based skills will require him to use any MP or SP; instead, he will brew potions which he will be able to use as his attacks against enemies. Throwing a Fire Flask will cost him a single Fire Flask. 

Also, just for fun, the game keeps track of four extra stats in the menu:

  • Quests Completed
  • Atrocities
  • Noble Deeds
  • Stupidity

Quests Completed increases anytime the player completes a sidequest. This is not increased by the main story. Atrocities keeps track of how evil the player has been. Blow up an entire village? Yeah, that's definitely an atrocity. Murder a guy for no apparent reason? That'll cost you too.

The third stat is Noble Deeds. You will gain a point in this any time you do something good for people, such as helping a sick guy by giving him medicine.

The final stat is Stupidity. This measures how much of a dumbass you've been. Any time you drink any of Xiralv's alchemy and you get sick/die from it, a point is added into Stupidity. Eating obviously bad food will also result in an increase of Stupidity. Any other actions that are blatantly idiotic will result in an increase of this stat.

None of these will actually have any impact on the game, however. They're there just to let you know how you've been playing the game.