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The Greatest Video Game Character is a contest series started and hosted by The Autarch of Flame, Chewie, Krazier, and Rince, the founders of the Chaos Theatre and its forum.


The series is similar to the Spike TV show Deadliest Warrior but pits two video game characters against each other and the series features a tournament ladder. The series is only on round 2 and is on hiatus due to the distance between the hosts. The characters are ranked upon; personality/backstory, accomplishments, iconic status, and who would win in an actual fight. The contestants were determined by picks from the 4 hosts, and 6 choices from The Autarch of Flame's fanbase. The choices were split into Heroes & Villains. The series was also iconic as it marked the launch of The Chaos Theatre. The series was a modest success.


Due to complications with production, namely the creators of the series moving away from each other, the Greatest Video Game Character contest series was canceled before completion. Personal comments by The Autarch of Flame show that Dante of Devil May Cry fame was likely to be the winner thanks to Krazier's insistance on the pick. However, The Autarch himself wanted Solid Snake of Metal Gear Solid fame.

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