Veemon b

Real Name

Nikolaus Zeller


Youtube: deadpoolfan9000 Xbox Gamertag: Banjos Keyblade about everything else: Hodgepodge1996






Member Since

August 2011


Hodgepodge, a nickname given to him by one of his friends, is a consistenly visiting member of the ChaosTheatre has not contributed much, but hopes to in the near future.


Hodgepodge(aka Nik Zeller) is a 17-year-old kid who lives in HB California who hopes to be a voice-actor.he first joined the Theatre on August 21, 2011 mostly because the Autarch said on his youtube channel that members on the forum would be in the game now known as Forum Fantasy: Prelich's Journey to Manhood (he can be that egotistical) but stuck with it because of the community & Craziness of it all. aspires to be a great top ten maker & let's player but because of time restrictions & lack of equipment he'll have to wait on that.

The Chaos TheatreEdit

In his mind The Chaos Theatre is an awesome place where nerds & geeks, like himself can, discuss various media & goof around. Some of it's members feel like a second family to him. He hasn't contributed very much, what with his unsucessful LPs, he hopes to in the future. He also hopes to do many collabs with members of the Theatre.

Chaos CareerEdit

Hodgepode, was at one point, involved in an epic reading group that consisted of SilverKeyblade, Kaiskov09, TheRainbowBrony & other users that read  My Little Pony Fanfics, including My little Dashie & the first few chapters of Silent Ponyville. Although, they only streamed two times, mostly because of people not showing up & scheduling issues. One day, when he gets a computer that works, he hopes to continue epically reading with his friends in the group. He has also entered in the Chaos Theatre collab of Top 25 Final bosses & is voicing the segment for the Hag 1 along with Daikatana. 

Youtube CareerEdit

His Youtube career... is barely a career filled failed LPs of Paper Mario & Sly 2: Band of thieves, a few rants & a lot of updates. Once he gets a new computer he hopes to change that... someday.


  • Brony
  • Bi-sexual
  • Favorite game: Skyrim
  • Favorite console: Nintendo 64
  • was inspired by Cypheron48 to do Let's Play
  • was inspired by the Autarch to do top tens

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