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Tree's Apprentice V.3

The Apprentice himself.

"Hello ladies and Laytons!" - Itionoben's greeting to everyone, with Prof Layton as an homage to the message.

Itionoben, formerly known as The Tree's Apprentice, is a Chaos Theatre Countdown maker since July 30, 2011. Other than countdowns, he's made a few larger random videos, several intros, a few singing videos, a couple music videos, and some few second shorts.

My CountdownsEdit

His favorite kinds of videos to make are his countdowns, which are "like his babies...if [he] had any."

My countdowns are:

Other Larger ProjectsEdit


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Itionobo's Artwork created by Sir Ampharos

His other larger projects include:


​Me Smashing a...Edit

Aside from making countdowns, one of his hobbies is fruit smashing, He really despises fruit and he started to make videos and each one is more messier, and funnier, than the last! Here are some of his latest:

Replant the Tree's Apprentice Edit

On October 7, 2015, it was announced by fellow countdown artists, Fawful's Minion and Master H , that Ben is currently no longer with us. Apparently, a close friend/enemy of his has reported his entire Internet life to his parents, whom they have little to no interest in his work. When they found out, his Twitter account shut down, and he can't do much on Youtube, It was an unfair, terrible fate for Ben, and his friends are doing whatever they can to help him out.

Re-plant The Tree..

Re-plant The Tree...'s Apprentice! (Need Help)

Re-Plant The Tree...'s Apprentice! (Need Help) created by Fawful's Minion

If you want to get him up and running again (countdowns, reviews, etc) and if you happen to be a fan or a close friend of his, please donate to his Patreon or GoFundMe page.

Please help SillverKeyBlade and MasterTP on their donations:




He actually has returned with a bang on December 2016. It was revealed from a friend that his computer was taken for a long period of time, but it'll be nice to still help him out.

Trivia (as if anyone cared)Edit


Boomer the cat! :D

  • He was 15 years old when he started countdown making
  • He dedicates his channel to new people in the video making world, supposedly.
  • He has near infinite banks of Pokémon knowledge.
  • He makes videos of everything he thinks of.
  • He was actually going to do a Top 10 Monsters list, as well as Smash Month, but he lost inspiration.
  • His first intro was "Soul" from Madworld. His second was the main theme of "Rhythm Thief." His new intro is "Defender" rearranged by Wingus Dingus.
  • He's extremely paranoid and easily scared.
  • In his Top 9 Favorite Pokemon Battles, Spiritombs always make him laugh! :D
  • Favorite Pokemon? Ampharos.
  • Favorite countdown of his is Top 10 Nostalgic Games.
  • Favorite game of all time of his is Pokémon Emerald. This may have been replaced by Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. His second is his all-time favorite Mario game, Super Mario Sunshine.
  • He actually loves touching the Fluffs in Yoshi's Island; he can't get enough of these things!
  • He always wishes for a sequel to "Super Mario Sunshine," and/or Professor Layton as a playable character in Smash Bros.
  • It was dually noted during Top 10 Mario Powerups that he doesn't want to do Let's Plays cause he's not good at video games. That...could be a lie.
  • His repertoire of games isn't very massive like most people. He said in his Worst Screw-ups TURBO they're mostly Nintendo games and rarely branch out to other systems.
  • His favorite piece of music in the Kirby series is Crown from Kirby's Return to Dreamland.
  • One of the things he personally regrets as a gamer was when he laid his hands on a copy of the nefarious Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood instead of Kirby Superstar Ultra; which escaped his grasp for about four years.
  • The first Kirby game he rented/beaten was his nostalgic game, Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland. He was only 6.
  • Favorite main series Kirby game: Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. The first game he's owned and played the most in his childhood, even more than Kirby Air Ride.
  • Favorite Kirby abilities are Master for Final Abilities along with Master Sword, and his basic copy abilities are Water and Wheel.
  • He actually played the Kirby games after he was introduced to him in Smash.
  • Favorite childhood show: The Magic School Bus
  • He happens to be an anime fan. Aside from Pokémon or Naruto, his favorite anime dub is Toradora
  • Most overrated game: Tetris, go figure.
  • Favorite YouTube channel: Rabbidluigi. Although his bouts with Fawful's Minion have been inconclusive.
  • He's a Marvel movie man; his favorites include the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, and Hulk
    • Worst superhero: Hawkeye
    • Favorite Live-action movie: Iron Man
  • He's not a huge fan of fruit, especially watermelons. Hence, his fruit smashing vids.
  • Favorite Gen 1 Pokémon: Nidoran
  • He owns a cat named Boomer, as he mentioned describing the Super Bell powerup; he could be one of the shy cats he once mentioned on an old, deleted video of his.
  • Super Mario 64 was one of the first games Ben has played.
  • The Shadow Temple was considered to be Ben's favorite dungeon not just in Ocarina of Time, but also one of his favorites in the entire Zelda franchise.
  • Halloween is considered to be his favorite time of year, much like Logan; ironically he hasn't made any countdowns for it, excepting his terrible list, Top 10 Creepiest Things in Non-Horror Games. Until he made one after being active for more than five years.
  • He really, REALLY hates spiders!
  • He considers the anime series, Anohana, as one of the most emotionally deep and tragic animes he's ever seen, as well as one of his favorite animes of all time.
    • He watched the series about two years ago, around January 2016. And by the end of the series, this was a reminder of the most darkest moments in his life. In late 2015-early 2016, he was fighting and losing a battle with depression and identity. He distracted himself by diving into anime and video games as a way of coping. He can relate to the characters, but mostly Jintan. And this anime alone has changed his life for the better forever.
  • Love Live is his favorite anime movie, as well as another favorite anime series.
  • He considers the OP to Love Live Sunshine's Season 2 to be the absolute BEST in the series, even though it's actually the last. He also considered the failure of the Idol School Project on saving their school to be the selling point of the series, compared to the success of the original. He said the main point was, "Finding a time to shine by facing failure." Ruby and Lia he considers as the best pairing.
  • One of the luckiest things ever happened to him in 30 seconds. On his Twitter, he said on April 2, he went to a vending machine and inserted some money to buy a bag of chips, and the back fell forward and got lodged against the glass, stuck. The macine never gave him any change, and had still 2$ in credit, meaning "it didn't give the money I gave it!!" So he punched in another code and 2 bags of chips fell! Someone watched the ordeal, and he gave them the 2nd bag, "Here, I'll share my good luck with you." A good snack time was had after she got the free bag.
  • One of the things he absolutely loves in Luigi's Mansion, Mega Man, and other games is its reasonable length. If its pacing can be done within one sitting, then chances are it'll be one of Ben's faves across the board.