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This is a mysterious enity who only recently appeared in the Chaos Theatre. He is very straitghforward when he say something. At first he seem to be a normal person, but as he slowly reveal his insanity, the others are secretly

Is Mayonaise a trade?

doubting if he is even human. He does not have a lot of words to says about himself, in fact he says little when he make a post on a thread. He have an appearant like for music as out of all thread, he visit the Music related one the most. Others than that, here are some known information about him so far.

Recently it was revealed by research from Dpolaristar that he is also a master craftsman and has built many useful things including the Goomba shoes from Super Mario Bros 3. Half of the items in the Zelda series(except for ironically the hookshot, though he made the modified double hookshot.) He also created the ClockTower in ClockTown from Majora's Mask, in fact this is the one fact that dpolaristar knew beforehand and orcastrated the events of Majora's Mask(or so he claims) to test the resolve of the people of clocktown and the tower. Though Dpolaristar was impressed by the people's reactions.(Or at least found them interesting.) He noted that the tower could not withstand a crashing moon. JackofTrade is working on the problem now and is redesigning a new Clock Tower. His greatest creation is probably the Iron Giant from the movie of the same name.(Which begs the Question of where we comes from.)

  • Hate predjudice. However, if in a joke form, and is done the right way, then he'll tolerate it.
  • Have a tendencies to mention games and bands hardly anyone have heard of before.
  • Is insane.
  • Can get familiar with thing very quickly.
  • Have a chance of being an alien from a distant planet. This can be supported by the fact he invented the Iron Giant and that the aliens from Majora's Mask were most likely cheeking on the Tower, by "interviewing" the inhabitants.
  • Love singing and writing songs.(Whether or not he is any good at either remains to be said.)
  • Could be undead as well.

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