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Joshua Burner


The Fiery Joker, Firebrand


Countdown maker, User, University of Houston student, editor, Marine. Brony, Critic, Musician





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July 6, 1992


Josh seen with the Autarch. (Josh, middle; Alex, right)


Josh started video making when he was constantly chastized by his father to "get a new hobby." His father wanted him to stop only playing video games and watching cartoons and do something more constructive. So Josh took up video making. At first he started with making music videos, but due to constant YouTube updates, the videos became sped up or slowed down to the point where they weren't in sync anymore, so they consequently were removed by Josh. After coming across the Autarch of Flame, known then as peanut3423, he became inspired to make his own series of countdowns. The two have been working closely together on YouTube ever since, promoting each others work, even making multiple collaborative projects.

Recently, YouTube informed Josh that his YouTube account was no longer in good standing in terms of Content ID claims and consequently he can no longer upload videos longer than 15 minutes. He has checked the Content ID Claims and he has no violations, leading him to believe this was caused by some sort of YouTube glitch. However, since YouTube has no live support, neither does Google, and YouTube Support keeps flagging his emails as spam, there is nothing he can do to fix this. This comes as a severe inconvenience to Josh as most of his videos are now habitually longer than 15 minutes, forcing him to reluctantly split his videos into two parts. Since then, he has resolved these issues, though copyright claims pop up again periodically (most of the time from Hasbro).


Josh is not afraid to let people know exactly what he thinks about something, as a result, it's gotten him in trouble on many occasions. Josh has expressed much disdain for and frowned upon popular games such as Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VII (though his opinion on the game has been much more positive as of late), Resident Evil 4Half-Life 2Okami, Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Gears of War franchise, the works of Rockstar Games, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He has also taken backlash for enjoying games that are generally unpopular among the gaming community. Such as the Call of Duty series, the Dynasty Warriors franchise, and the modern Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Some of his countdowns also have mysteriously disappeared. He was alerted by the Autarch of Flame that someone had posted comments under his name that Josh had no memory of, leading Josh to believe that someone hacked his account. Before he changed the password, he noticed that three of his controversial countdowns had been removed, leading Josh to believe that since all of them had to do with Final Fantasy VII being bashed, he was hacked by a fanboy.

In his Top Ten Things I Hate in Video Games list, he criticized Okami for its constant use of backtracking and reusing Orochi three times. At the end, he stated: "I'm the Fiery Joker. And in my opinion, OKAMI SUCKS." Since then, it has become one of his most hated videos; eventually leading to Josh disabling ratings and comments on the video due to the overwhelming amount of backlash from angry fans and repeated comments about Left 4 Dead 2 being a survival action game. On of those particular fans was MasterofFoxes727. She's been banned but her one-sided, insulting video still stands here , but plenty of people had Josh's support.

Another one of Josh's most controversial countdowns is his Top Ten Most Disappointing Final Bosses list, where he panned Super Mario Galaxy 2 for "having no soul" and the final boss with Bowser being "insultingly easy". He has tried explaining his opinions in further detail in his Unscripted Blogs, but they have not done much to ease the rampaging hordes of fanboys.

However, in his Top Ten Overhated Games, Joshscorcher announced he had moved in to the category who thought Final Fantasy VII was OK & even placing it on the list. Josh also said Cloud Strife was a decent protagonist until his personality was flanderized by fangirls.

Another one of his works was from his video, Top 10 Games I Want to Like.  In it he has mentioned Super Mario Galaxy 2 being a copy-paste sequel, yet he still goes for the COD series, which made him hypocritical. Another controversial part was when he talked about his experiences with Undertale, Fallout, and Baulder's Gate. The latter in which he mentioned is in his Nostalgic Immunity video. He, too, later got a response from The Cyber Okami who made his first commentary called Burn My Eyes . Although he did release for the sake of entertainment as well as criticism for Josh's videos, particularly this one.

Recently, he got into a huge war with one of his fellow editors and employees, Lily Peet. He made a video response saying that he's breaking off his friendship with him due to his one-sided, abstract thinking as well as his constant cyberbullying. Even though, ironically, some were for anti-bullying which went awry to most. A perfect example was in his critical response, Glass of Water: Guard Break , to Josh's Newbie Dash Review.  Some of his close friends joined the fray as they talked about her cynicism and their experiences of being bullied at school, and in the military. In the end, Josh apologized for whatever issues he might've caused her, and he hopes things will get better between them soon.

Military Career


US Marine Corps. Corporal Badge

On December 13, 2010, Josh enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a trombone player. After 4 months of physical and mental training, plus 6 months of musical training, he is currently stationed in Cherry Point, North Carolina. On February 1, 2013, he was promoted to Corporal, as seen here.When he was promoted, he recieved a Marine NCO Sword, which is has jokingly used in several of his videos. The first time being when a fan asked him what his favorite weapon was, upon which he unsheathed the saber and said "Ya jelly?"

University of Houston

On May 28, he announced he's been accepted to his college of choice, University of Houston. On August 13, 2016, Josh announced he'll be taking a road trip (not fly) there to study digital media.

Since then, he's been extremely busy that he'll only release content twice a month; mostly on the 1st and 15th of each month. Not only does he have college, but also an online series for Dungeons and Dragons: Curse of Strahd, as well as FOBEquesteria.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


Josh's Pony, Firebrand

During his time at the School of Music, Josh was introduced to the Brony fandom by one of his close friends. He saw the show off his recommendation and felt the need to make a video review of the pilot. The review was very well received, from both bronies and non-bronies alike. He has not made it clear whether or not he is a brony, taking great enjoyment from his fans bickering and guessing.

One normal morning during a normal morning muster at 0745, he was told to report to his superiors. Assuming the worst, Josh did as he was told. He was not in trouble, in fact, he was in for a ride. Before he made a second review, his fellow Marines found out about the My Little Pony Review. They decided to formally indoctrinate him into the bronydom and "commend his bravery" by reviewing the show. They even awarded him a medal: a brony shirt. He has not worn the shirt yet and never will, but he does say he will never get rid of it as it holds a special place in his heart.


Josh Burner and Firebrand

Since then Josh has fully taken up the brony mantle and along with his reviews of the series that continue to this day, he also founded a site for bronies in the world's militaries called Foward Operating Base Equestria (or F.O.B Equestria for short). On the site he has taken up the alias of "Firebrand" and has participated in many of the sites activities.

Josh will often have a collab MLP review. A few of his collab members include Xain Russell, The Autarch of Flame, Chewie, and Bhaalspawn.

His worst of the show and most negative review was Double Rainboom (despite not being an official episode)

The Incident of ToonKriticY2K

On February 14, 2018, Josh revealed the truth of a Brony known as ToonKriticY2K. He came to light about it from BritishNinja on January 19. For several years, Toon's been part of the My Little Pony community, including Cons and chatrooms on Skype and Discord. From these places, as Josh isn't a fan of large chatrooms, in Toon's domains he found out from around 50 victims that he was a pedophile, and many of those victims were asking for his help. A lot of times, Toon apologized profusely and even said that he's willing to get therapy for his illnesses. Some people believed him, some didn't; although his family were the only ones that stood by his side throughout. Josh was one of those people that opposed Toon's innocence. He, Dr. Wolf, and others gathered some evidence to prove that statement and reassure those that Toon inflicted harm to, as well as a girl named Sally who was just 15 when Toon started dating with her after some roleplaying for over a year. He was getting involved in some sexual activities and manipulating the emotions of the victims who're falsely being accused of crimes they never committed, and at the same time hurting Sally, in the process while cheating on his boyfriend, Isaac. Eventually, from those gruesome activities, Josh and his friends wanted him to confess and turn in for his crimes, but he didn't. Toon wasn't arrested yet, but the FBI 's Internet Crime Division and Chicago's attorney general would make sure Toon would be paid severely for his soliciting actions. Josh also apologized for some values he'd broken, including his Christian meaning on forgiveness, which is different from the common interpretation. He'd also like to thank BritishNinja, Jeremy Burner, Keychi, Summer Glitz, ThatCreepyReading, and Aramau for helping him bring ToonKriticY2K to justice.



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Josh has been shown to have a very short fuse, having berserk buttons that instantly set Josh into flaming tirades, including overused memes, ponified dialogue, and disrespecting his opinion. Despite this, he is also known to be a bit of a troll, constantly pulling pranks on other forum members and people he doesn't know.

While he is very good at reading people and manipulating others, he himself is easily manipulated. The best way to best Josh in a fight is to use his own tactics against him.

His Virtue is Justice and his Vice is Wrath. They can be pretty deadly when mixed, so Josh is not someone to take lightly. Prejudice and intolerance are things that bug him to no end, and he will not rest until both of them suffer and die horrible and painful deaths. If careful, one can see that Josh is more than willing to help a friend in need. Sometimes he can bite off a bit more than he can chew, as his willingness to do other's work for them has resulted in many chaotic situations, all of which include Josh losing his sanity.

He has a soft spot for animals, particularly small rodents. He also mentioned this during his Top 10 Scary Nostalgic Moments that rats are his favorite type of pet.

With all the rage aside, he can also be a very sensitive and paranoid person to be around.


It is believed that he is planning on starting an Anti-Meme Campaign, wiping the meme menace from the face of the Earth. Due to this fact, the likelihood that Joshscorcher is the CT Sniper (Aka the Meme Sniper) is extremely high. The fact that he has military training simply increases the chance that he nails meme-abusers from a distance with a rifle.


Joshscorcher also appears to have a much different anatomy from that of other humans on the planet. When enraged, Joshscorcher has the ability to scream "KA-BOOOOOOOOOOM!" and cause a catastrophic explosion. He also is fully capable of surviving this explosion that he generates, although the laws of science all say that it should not be possible. Scientists speculate that the organ which allows him to release such an explosion is actually his appendix. This is due to the fact that the appendix virtually has no purpose in the human body and simply takes up room, therefore it has been speculated that the appendix is, essentially, a biological self-destruct mechanism, similar to that of several species of ants and frogs, just at a significantly greater magnitude. If this is the case, then the gene that allows people to control their self-destruct mechanisms are dormant, and most likely, Joshscorcher's self-destruct gene is anything but.

One of his former enemies is Psychotic Nekomata. During Josh's time in the Brony closet, Neko would often pick fun at him for his continued interest in the show and try to call on him to just admit it. When he did, however, the two were able to further bond over the show and now Josh is one of Neko's companions, as well as his inspiration to join the United States Armed Forces.

He shares a friendly rivalry with Keybladeoverlord, with Josh currently in the lead in terms of skill at Board Game and Mario Kart

Fiery Joker Outro

Fiery Joker Outro

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