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Keyblade0 is the talking keyblade.

Keyblade0 comes from a very special type of race, called the Blades. The Blades were exactly like the humans, except they were living keyblades.



During the youth of Keyblade0, he has many friends of both the human and the blade race. Life was peaceful at the time. However, types of nonliving keyblade were formed during Keyblade0's youth. Those types were, to put it simply, keyblades, and the humans wanted to use them as weapons. The Blades were indifferent to this idea of seeing humans using nonliving keyblades, but they themselves never wanted to use something that somehow came from their flesh and blood as weapons. Thus, years and years came by.

The Keyblade WarEdit

Unfortunately, there are those who want to use the keyblade for evil purposes. The peaceful times ended. Then came the war. The Keyblade war.

There was a man who was a master of using a keyblade. He had obtained the rank of "God of Keyblades", a rank that only one other human was able to reach: The Queen of the humans. That man had wanted to find the most powerful keyblade of all, and to conquer both the Blade and Human races. He founded a group to help him with this dastardly goal. The Queen of the humans found the organization close to her kingdom. She had waged war against the group, and developed a technology that would transform the Blades into weapons.

The Blades wanted to fight for their homes. And so they were transformed into keyblades. To be used as weapons, but inevitably be killed in battle.

Thus, after many months of fighting, the Blade race was all but destroyed. Keyblade0 was the last one remaining of the Blade race.

In a last ditch effort to kill the man, the Queen called upon kingdom hearts, to destroy the man's heart. The plan had failed as the man had penetrated the kingdom of the Queen. All hope was lost.

The Queen had called 6 Warriors, and Keyblade0. She sent the 6 warriors on a quest to find mythical items that would help in vanquishing the man. The Queen told Keyblade0 that he was kept alive, for she knew that he was the ultimate keyblade. The Original Keyblade.

The ultimate keyblade that had been depowered at birth, kept secret and guarded well.

It was already too late. The man had captured Kingdom hearts, and the 6 warriors had returned with the mythical items. It had powered up Keyblade0 to originally what he once was. He had agreed with the Queen to become the ultimate weapon to fight the evil man.

The Final battle of the war had begun. In vain.

Sadly, the queen started to die. She didn't want to die in vain. The Queen used the power of Keyblade0 and of herself to seal away the evil man into a distant world.


It was a success, but the queen was never seen again. The 6 warriors (now 3) had also sealed away the power of Keyblade0. Keyblade0 recluctantly agreed to have his powers taken, because he would also have his memory wiped. After his powers were taken, he instantly had no memories of his past before the Keyblade War.

Aeons passed.

10,000 Years later, into the present, Keyblade0 decides to go back to school, to find out what who he was and to find out what's the history of his country. Now, these days, nobody can tell exactly what happened during those dark times.

And, what became of the evil man?

2010-Present DayEdit

Keyblade person

Keyblade0 Today in the present time.

Working at the Kingdom Hearts WikiEdit

Eventually, Keyblade0 would run out of any hope of knowing exactly who he is. Keyblade0 would soon join a wiki. He joined the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. The name, Kingdom Hearts, somehow sounded familiar to him. Months passed. Then came Oasis, the horrible skin. That is when the KH Wiki decided to split. Keyblade0 went with the wiki that seperated from Wikia. The KH Wiki successfully split into 2. Tensions grew between the 2 wikis, over many months. Soon, thereafter, it was decided that the .net community wasn't fan-friendly. The Wiki will remerge with the Wikia wiki. However, the Wikia wiki will merge onto the .net community. The emptiness that will remain in the Wikia site would become a fan site, just like KHInsider.

Keyblade0 has made over 1000 edits at the wiki, and is happy and proud of the KHWikis.

The Chaos TheatreEdit

During the Summer of 2011, Keyblade0 had watched many of the Autarch of Flame's videos. AoF usually recommended people to join with the Chaos Theatre Forums. Eventually, Keyblade0 joined with the Chaos Theatre Forums, to which he witnessed many events. Super Smash Bros Brawl tournaments, becomming a Werewolf, and a ghost, playing a demo of the Chaos Theatre, making videos, etc.

Keyblade0 has made over 1300 posts at the Chaos Theatre

Kingdom Hearts Fanon WikiEdit

Keyblade0 had the idea of making a fan-fic of Kingdom Hearts. He started writing it, but stopped after the 5th chapter. Thinking that the story didn't look so well, he decided to create a game out of it, instead.

Kingdom Hearts: Legend of The Chaos DragonEdit

This is a game being created by Keyblade0, and it's still in progress. Keyblade0 has no intention of making a trailer for it yet, nor any gameplay videos to be released anytime soon.

The story is the same as the Fan-fic, but with changes, such as...

  • Tom and Sky no longer being twins, just a younger brother and older sister
  • Master Eraqus not appearing
  • Dialogue changes

Etc, etc.

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