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Keybladeoverlord is, as his name suggests, the overlord of Keyblades (Master of ALL Keyblades to be exact.).

Much like a certain asshat, he is also a fan of terrible games such as Sonic R and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He has stated that Mario Party 2 is his favorite game of all time, which basically means that his opinion is worth shit.

Unlike said asshat however, he's actually done things inside the community. These "achievements" (if you can really call them that) range from being crowned "King of the Forum Games Area" by Mario Galaxy Man to suggesting the "User Questions" board which was basically a haven for people boosting their ego. Way to go, genius.

He supposedly has an obsession with the Nintendo 64 and soda. He doesn't specify what soda, but based on his taste in everything else, it probably tastes like piss.

He also is the Second-in-Command of the Cult of the Ass, led by the brother of Psychotic Nekomata: Isaac: The Lord of the Ass.

He also is foolish enough to have a friendly rivalry with Joshscorcher himself. He is currently losing to Josh, but manages to be able to hold his own against him, despite the odds.

Despite being an Anti-Brony, Keyblade had become a pony as an April Fools joke and invented a special technique that turns any of it's targets into a pony. He has since had regrets for inventing this move for he fears it will be used against him.

Where can you find Keyblade?Edit

You can find Keyblade in a variety of locations, but he never tells where his exact location is.

These are places he's known to hang around.

  • The Chaos Theatre.
  • The Moon (Specificly his Space Castle located there).
  • Equestria (When he wants to torment ponies or destroy something).
  • Metru-Nui.
  • Inside a Sega Genesis.

Things that will envoke his wrath.Edit

  • Talkin' trash about his mama.
  • Threatening the well-being of the video game industry.
    Char 53460

    Keyblade as his "Toa of Chaos" form. Shiny ain't it?

  • Making high-pitched noises.
  • Calling him Honeysuckle. (Pony name given to him by The Coffee Man)
  • Going against his master, The Lord of the Ass.
  • Camelslayer's attempts to make him a faithful minion.
  • Being a hacker.
  • Politics.
  • Being a complete and utter moron.
  • Stealing his sandvich.
  • Being a perky person.
  • Being a preppy bitch.
  • Fred.
    Fred M png 627x325 crop upscale q85

    Don't worry if your name is Fred, Keyblade meant this moron.

  • His Evil Twin Julien.
  • Constantly repeating the same line over and over and OVER!!!
  • Not knowing when to quit doing something.
  • Not giving GOOD reasons to dislike something.
  • Kid Buu.
  • Stealing his soda.
  • Making him wait for food.
  • Stealing his cheese.
  • Shutting off his music.
  • Stealing his Crystal Weed.
  • Stealing his pasta.
  • Stealing his food is generally a bad idea altogether.
  • Spelling his name with unnecessary capitalizations. (Seriously, the first letter is the only one that can be capitalized and that one's usually not on his username)
  • Bots.

Known Abilities.Edit

  • Mastery over all Keyblades.

    Artist rendering of the Master of All Keyblades drawn by Rainstar.

  • Seemingly unaffected from being shot.
  • Finds enjoyment in almost every game he plays.
  • Can go from completely sane to BAT SHIT CRAZY in an instant.
  • Has a very unsettling control over the Tails Doll Curse.
  • Can make a variety of sound effects.
  • His signiture move, Big Bang Kamehameha.
  • Is a master at walking/running backwards.
  • Likes to do impressions.
  • Is a master of speaking Gibberish.
  • Has an extreme amount of strength and will.
  • Has a near-bottomless stomach.
  • Loves to sing.
  • Can mimick an Auto-Tune effect with his voice.
  • Controls the Bohrok Swarms.
  • Has the Amburame Clan's ability to control Kikaichū Beatles.
  • Making countless VeggieTales references with The Water Waka.
  • Playing Air Guitar and Air Drums.
  • Smacking bitches with Psychotic Nekomata.
  • Dooming people with simple things. (Ex. Rubber Duckies)
  • Supplying and smoking Crystal Weed.
  • Competence at Board Game Online.
  • Being completely random, rivaling even The Water Waka


  • Shadow Form: This is the transformation Keyblade achieves when he is filled with Dark Energy.
  • SUPER MOHAWK SAIYAN: Like others, Keyblade achieved this transformation with a consumption of beer. Since achieving this transformation, he trained himself to not rely on beer to transform.
    Keyblade Master Honeysuckle

    Keyblade's Pony Form, used as an April Fools Joke.

  • SUPER MOHAWK SAIYAN 2: Keyblade is one of only two people to

achieve this transformation. When he's in this form, his power is 50x the power he has in the first Super Mohawk Saiyan transformation.

  • SUPER MOHAWK SAIYAN 3: This transformation Keylade achieved through intense training. Keyblade's power is 100x that of Super Mohawk Saiyan 2, but this form uses a lot of energy and can only be used for a short time.
  • SUPER MOHAWK SAIYAN 4: This form is the ultimate Super Mohawk Saiyan transformation, which Keyblade achieved through even more intense training and beer consumption. Keyblade's power level is 1000x that of the third transformation and doesn't have the same issues that said transformation.
  • Honeysuckle: This is Keyblade's Pony form. He only used this form as an April Fools Joke, and doesn't like having to be in this form at any other time.

    One of Keyblade's known locations is in a SEGA Genesis like this one.

  • DARK SUPER MOHAWK SAIYAN 1-4: Through training with Dark Energy, Keyblade has achieved the ability to combine his shadow form with his SUPER MOHAWK SAIYAN forms. It's best to run for your life should you be faced with any of these forms.
  • Godzilla: Keyblade is also the king of the monsters himself, GODZILLA!
  • Demon Doll Keyblade: Form created upon fusion with Tails Doll, which you best hope never to encounter if you like your soul not being digested.
  • Toa of Chaos: A fun BIONICLE based form that uses power over chaos.  Appears ironically enough as Takanuva, the Toa of Light, which is more orderly than chaotic.
  • Miyels: This guy is Keybladeoverlord as a troll from Homestuck, currently, his powers are unknown.  His blood color has been debated as red, but if it is, he sure ain't gonna take being called a lowblood as he'd beat the shit outta anyone who calls him such, no matter if their blood be blue, purple, or whatever, no one calls Miyels a lowblood.
  • Mega Chaosfury: Mega Chaosfury is Keyblade's character in Fusion Fall, an MMO created by Cartoon Network, based around the universes from their shows, new and old. His abilities are unknown, although it is known that he has close ties with Vlad Oceanfoot, The Water Waka's Fusion Fall character. Mega Chaosfury is always depicted in Super Saiyan Form.
  • Shaolin Keyblade: Keybladeoverlord has found his inner peace, allowing him to think clearly and use his power to the fullest without needing to transform. His speed and power have become tranquil and deadly all at the same time, so you should not take this form lightly.


This nitwit even somehow manages to get himself in the countdown making business, probably being WAAAAY over his head to even attempt it.


Keyblade as Godzilla.

Countdowns made by the Master of All Keyblades:

Planned Countdowns: Keyblade has given up on his planned countdowns due to lack of inspiration.

Awesome Video Game MusicEdit

Keyblade has decided to take up the easy task of uploading AVGM's to fill his spare time and give him something to do.

  • AVGM #1: Wave Ocean (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)
  • AVGM #2: Oldies But Happies (Jet Set Radio Future)
  • AVGM #3: Open Wings (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2)
  • AVGM #4: Tropical Resort (Modern Remix) (Sonic Generations [3DS Verison])
  • AVGM #5: Makin' Movies (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game)

Keyblade's Awesome Rant TimeEdit

Keyblade has recently started a new series called Keyblade's Awesome Rant Time (Or K.A.R.T. for short) where he gives his thoughts on certain topics or what he thinks about certain games in a sort of mini-review.  He plans to start it off as text only projects, but will eventually make it into a video series.

Rants made so far:


This guy manages to battle against other users on the forum, and he was one of the two who started the User Battle games.

Battles he's been in:

  • Mermaid Amy vs. Keybladeoverlord (Won)
  • The Water Waka vs. Keybladeoverlod (Won)
  • KuroSerpentina vs. Keybladeoverlord (Forited due to Ridiculous God Modding from the other party)
  • Gemsteam vs. Keybladeoverlord (Won)
  • Chewie vs. Keybladeoverlord (Won)
    Nega scott

    How Keyblade views himself in his Dark Form.

  • NobleX6 vs. Everyone (Had a hand in beating NobleX6)
  • Keybladeoverlord vs. Rainbow Dash (Won with little effort)
  • Keybladeoverlord vs. Everyone (Won against the odds)
  • Hawk vs. Keybladeoverlord (Ended in a draw due to a change in Hawk's schedule)
  • Hawk vs. Keybladeoverlord Rematch (Ended in a draw; they killed each other)
  • Mermaid Amy vs. Keybladeoverlord Rematch (Won)
  • Bowserjr55 vs. Keybladeoverlord (Draw)

There are many more, but he's too lazy to list them.

It should be noted though that most (if not all) of his victories were won because of his excessive god-modding. Because god-modding is the way to go... right?

Theme SongsEdit

He has chosen these songs for his theme songs for certain reasons.

Keyblade's Friends/EnemiesEdit

Psychotic Nekomata (Friend): Was one of the first few members of the forums that Keyblade befriended and talked to.

The Coffee Man (Friend): Another of the first few members Keyblade befriended. He and Psychotic Nekomata were the two that Keyblade started having engaging conversations with.

Camelslayer (Friend/Leader?): The third person Keyblade really got to know on the forum.  Camel was responsible for converting Keyblade to the Way of the Potion and introducing him to League of Legends (Which Keyblade barely plays sadly) and the Board Game (Which Keyblade plays more often).

Vlarix (Friend): Vlarix pretty much has the same background with Keyblade that Camelslayer does (Except for the conversion to the Way of the Potion). Sometimes when Keyblade had bad anger issues on Skype that were really unprofessional, it was usually Vlarix who gave Keyblade a warning on Skype that he'd be knee-deep in shit if he didn't knock it off.  Keyblade is actually very thankful for those times Vlarix warned him, for they helped him learn better, and Keyblade is eternally greatful.

The Dark One -Mix- (Anamanaguchi vs03:55

The Dark One -Mix- (Anamanaguchi vs. Zebes System)

"Crushing Shadow" KeybladeOverlord's Battle Theme

The Autarch of Flame (Friend): Keyblade honestly almost fangasmed out when he first talked to the Autarch of Flame, ironically enough it was talking about Jasper Batt Jr. that was his first conversation with The Autarch. Since then, Keyblade has become a good friend with the Autarch, despite his trolling (Although Keyblade does find it funny).

Joshscorcher (Friend/Rival): Keyblade was also a fan of Joshscorcher as well, and shares the trait of being in a military family like Josh.  However, Keyblade thinks the Air Force is where it's at (Since he's in an Air Force family), but Keyblade does give The Marines some credit where it's due.  Keyblade has a bit of a rivalry with Josh on the Board Game and other games where they can battle eachother (As mentioned above), and even though Josh is winning, Keyblade is at least happy to face a skilled opponent.  Keyblade will turn to Josh as a lifeline if he needs advice on making countdowns (Which he has done before when working on Top Ten Budokai 3 Ultimates with Bowserjr55).

Isaac, THE LORD OF THE ASS (Friend/Master): Isaac is Keyblade's master and leader of the Cult of the Ass.  Keyblade follows The Lord of the Ass with great loyalty and would betray Camelslayer should he be in a situation that forced The Cult of Camelslayers Knights and The Cult of the Ass to be against eachother.

Rainstar (Friend): Rain is generally one of the people Keyblade will turn to for a good conversation. That's about it. (Sorry Rain! I can't think of much else!)

Suki (Friend): Keyblade would consider Suki one of the most hilarious people he knows.  Keyblade will also turn to Suki when he's feeling down, as she proves to be great moral support.

The Water Waka (Friend/Randomness Bro): Waka is Keyblade's Randomness Bro.  They used to be rivals, but then they gained a great respect for each other and Keyblade sees Waka almost like a brother that he never had. Not to mention, Keyblade became Waka's father after a very weird Skype chat.

Crona/Kujie Koo/Vriska Serket (Friend/RP Partner): Keyblade and Crona didn't talk to eachother much at first, but after a bit they started to RP on Skype a bit and had a lot of fun.  This brought the two into an RP that's been going on Skype for almost a whole year now.  Crona actually got Keyblade into many things, some examples are Soul Eater, Touhou, and possibly soon Homestuck.

Bowserjr55 (Friend/RP Partner/Countdown Bro): Keyblade doesn't remember when exactly he met Bowserjr55, but he is glad he met him.  Their friendship started when Bowserjr55 proposed a collab countdown on the best Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Ultimates.  Keyblade, who has stated that Budokai 3 is his 4th favorite game of all time, eage
Keyblade's Troll Form

Miyels, Keyblade's Troll Form.

rly wanted to participate in it and the two worked together on what would be Keyblade's first experience with a vocal countdown.  Keyblade has sense been the guy to listen to Bowserjr55's countdown ideas and talks to him about what else they could possibly do as well. Bowserjr55 is the other person in the RP in Keyblade's RP with Crona.  Keyblade tends to troll Bowserjr55 a lot, but he doesn't do it out of spite, as he considers Bowserjr55 as a true friend.

Gemsteam (Friend/Rival): (To be edited by Gem as Keyblade is lazy right now)

Hawk (Rival): Keyblade doesn't hate Hawk, he just has a rivalry with him.  These two have done battle many times and they can never best eachother, as they are too evenly matched.  Hawk once pulled a prank on Keyblade, stating that he actually hated him, but it was a horrible mistake as Keyblade thought this prank was real and Keyblade really doesn't like the idea of friends becoming jackasses to him.  This prank caused Keyblade to become depressed and angry, which drove him nuts until Hawk revealed it was a prank.  This made Keyblade upset even more with Hawk and he had to goes a while before being able to talk to him again.  Since that incident, Keyblade has become friends with Hawk again, but now is more intense a rival to him than before.

Kuro Serpentina (Enemy): Keyblade once thought Kuro was a decent guy, but the two have had a falling out.  They later managed to clear things up and now are on good terms. Friendship is constantly on shakey ground, but they both try their hardest to be mature about it.

Board Game Online Edit

Keybladeoverlord often takes part in games of "Board Game Online", the most batshit insane game known to man. The details of the game can break the boundaries of Not Safe for Work (Containing sex, drug abuse, murder, and a whole lot of swearing). He plays with multiple members of the Chaos Theatre and usually wins. He tends to play with Xan, Rainstar, CyberLucario, Kuro Serpentina (Sometimes known as BobSaget), Finndread, Deity of Ice, Waka, Klonoa, Nak and many others. It was this Board Game what initiated the rivalry between Keyblade and Joshscorcher.

Keyblade's most recently created meme of labeling people as a "Fucking Fuck" started on this, and has since become Keyblade's way of adressing annoying trolls, or just being a name to call someone when they piss him off royally.

Fucking Fucks labeled thus far due to the Board Game:Edit

Findread (Killed Keyblade after he just got back to life which made him utter the first and most hilarious instance of the term, as well as the loudest)

Deity of Ice (Because he keeps targeting Keyblade with his harmful effect items and skills, which annoys him greatly)

Kaiskov09 (Killed Keyblade when he just got back to life and then stole the victory from Keyblade)

Cyborg-Lucario (Pretty much helped Kaiskov09 in being a fucking fuck)

The Water Waka (Has a tendancy of leaving to go eat or something and taking forever to get back)

Keyblade's MottosEdit

These are various mottos that Keyblade lives by, whether he made the mottos up or not.

  • Disco will never die!
  • Speak with your heart.
  • If you break something, duct tape is always the answer.
  • If you want to make the world a better place, you gotta look at yourself and make the change.
  • Shake your groove thing!
  • Shiny things will grab your attention.
  • Guns don't kill people, only people kill people.  Guns are inanimate objects that can't do anything without a person behind it.
  • Gotta go fast!
  • Live it for the music man!
  • Live the gaming dream.
  • Even when you think your perfect, you still have flaws.

    One of the Bohrok Keyblade commands.

  • I ain't no sinner, but I ain't no saint either.
  • Unity, Duty, Destiny!
  • Sometimes someone can be like paper.  May be flimsy and weak to things around it, but always is incredibly useful.
  • Life is like a box of LEGOs.  You can build many wonderful things, but you can easily smash those things too......
  • Sometimes it's best to live like a lightning bolt.  Wild, fast, and energetic.
  • You see it's true hoo ooo, someone like mee eee eee, can learn to be,

like someone like you!

  • Sometimes being random is all you need.
  • Live the legend.
  • Mondays mess with your mojo.
  • Don't try to change people if they don't wish to change.
  • LEGO = Endless possibilites.
  • Don't stop believin'.
  • Don't shout when it's not needed, for it'll hurt people's ears.
  • Be like a pizza, be able to handle all kinds of different things being with you.
  • Beware, your lunch may fight back after you cooked it.
  • Take every breath you're given for what it's worth......You never know when you'll cease being given those precious breaths of life......
  • Where there's a whip there's a way.
  • Understand, understand, the concept of love!
  • Roads go ever, ever on.......over rock and under tree......
  • The Greatest Adventure, is what lies ahead.
  •  *Jibberish that Chao speak*
  • Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and Spam.
  • Smoke Crystal Weed Everyday!
  • I! AM! THAT! HERO!
  • Don't force people to read.
  • Don't fuck with Wallace Wells.  He'll kick your ass.
  • Don't fall apaaaaaaaaaart, speak with your heeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaart, and always take it with you back to the staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart!
  • CRITICAL SYSTEMS FAILURE! Repeat, CRITICAL SYSTEMS FAILURE! All attraction access is temporarily suspended. Please evacuate the park via the emergency exit ahead. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!
  • One does not simply walk into Mordor!
  • Sonic's the name, speed's my game!

    Dear gog

  • What makes you think she's a witch?
  • Aw, she turned me into a Newt!
  • A Newt?
  • I got bettah......
  • That tornado's carrying a car!
  • This is the end of the innocence.
  • Trololololololo.
  • Now you're on my time you little SKUNK! GIVE ME DA CRYSTALS!
  • I've ruined the lives of so many! You can't expect me to remember them all!
  • Crazy is as crazy does!
  • Toot Toot Sonic Warrior!
  • I'm Rick James bitch!
  • Come to the dark side! We have cookies!
  • You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose.
  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.
  • Why so serious?
  • Denying your inner child does not make you mature, in fact, accepting your inner child makes you mature.
  • Embrace the power, of RELIGION!
  • The shiny things......hand them over now!
  • You fucking fuck!
  • Fear me coward!
  • TVTropes will ruin your life.
  • FOOLISH FOOL! The puzzle isn't the source of his power! His power comes from......HIS LEATHER PANTS!
  • Within us all is a strong, independant black woman, who don't need no man!
  • I'm too cool for school, but I go anyway for some reason.
  • Get out the way and let Louis play.
  • Man, there ain't nothin' like the smooth sounds of the good old saxaphone.
  • Can't beat my, can't beat my, no you can't beat my, Leather Shoes! I have got some Leather Shoes!
  • Let me ask you, does a machine such as yourself ever experience FEAR!?
  • I am neither Goku nor Vegeta, I am the one who will defeat you!
  • Just chill out to the jazzy sounds of the saxaphone maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan..........


  • Favorite N64 Game: Mario Party 2 (Also favorite game of all time)
  • Favorite PS1 Game: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
  • Favorite SNES Game: Mega Man X
  • Favorite SEGA Genesis Game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  • Favorite NES Game: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
  • Favorite Gamecube Game: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Shaolin form keyblade overlord by vladnorris-d7ebhpc

Shaolin Keyblade, the most peaceful, yet also most powerful form.

  • Favorite PS2 Game: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
  • Favorite Xbox Game: Jet Set Radio Future or Voodoo Vince
  • Favorite Wii Game: Punch-Out!! or Sonic Colors
  • Favorite Xbox 360 Game: Dragon Ball Xenoverse
  • Favorite WiiU Game: Hyrule Warriors or Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  • Favorite Xbox One Game: GTA V or Borderlands 2
  • Favorite Video Game Franchise: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Ever since seeing the Lurker Sharks from Jak & Daxter: The Precurser Legacy, he's been afraid of being in water for longer than he needs to in video games.
  • Zombies are recurring dream elements in his sleep.
  • Favorite Food: Pasta, specifically Spaghetti.
  • Is very nice, and is very tolerant of people, but when he snaps, you better stay the fuck away.
  • Taco Bell Taco Consumption Record: 12 Tacos
  • Sonic Generations Casino Night Zone DLC Pinball Record: 999999 Points (Yep he managed to max out the point total legitimately)
  • One of his ultimate goals in life is to get a hug from Tara Strong.
  • Loves his mama.

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