Me in real life
Him in real life, probably.

Real Name

Joshua Brighton


Klonoa, Flakkzero, Sparkster, Magolor







Member Since

February 2013



 Klonoa is some new guy that makes WAY too many posts on the forums. He's a British guy who is a conniseur of obscure video games between 1990 and 2000. He is a guy who is pretty much known among the theatre but doesn't really stand out at the same time. You can find him far more often on Skype.


  • The first game he played was Crash Bandicoot 2
  • Is a Brony, his favourite pony is Twilight Sparkle. Despite thinking the fandom went to shit after people got way too rustled at the Twilicorn debacle, he can't really be arsed to change his general stance on the fandom (Ie, he still likes it to an extent).
  • His favourite game is Mother 3.
  • Has an irrational hatred towards Crash of the Titans.
  • Has a habit of never spending his money.
  • Is extremely self-consious.
  • Is a medicore Competetive Pokemon battler who's favourite tiers are Gen 3 OU, Gen 4 OU, Gen 4 UU and Gen 5 RU. (Hit me up on showdown if ya want, name's Makoto Neigi, make sure you tell me who you are before battling!)
  • Can eat two thirds of a large packet of Cream Crackers in an hour.

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