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Kujie Coo's way of saying he likes Touhou

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Kujie Coo is a member on The Chaos Theatre Forum that has had only two usernames he was referred to as on that sight.. These names are:

- Crona

And - Kujie Coo

Personality wise Kujie Coo is somewhat nice other than the fact that he is somewhat sadistic Kujie Coo had made a small amount of countdowns ever since he joined th forum, he has also made some 'AMV's' during his time. Unfortunately due to the loss of the old theatre he's now lower in ranking of post counts due to his more knowledge of spamming posts. He is still trying to eac the top no matter how long it takes though.

Probably the most notable thing about Kujie Coo is that he absolutely enjoys the game Final Fantasy IX and its antagonist Kuja, in which he praises as the best Final Fantasy villain in his eyes, he shares this trait with another member on the forum that goes by Rainstar. Although Kujie Coo may seem kind that's because he is actually insane. (according to himself and some other people who he will not mention) Although it has been identified that people do say it.

He's made friends over the year in which he's been actively present in the Chaos Theatre Forum and is happy abtou the friends he has made. Most of these friends he made are very close to him. He has a sort of "relationship" with them as he likes to say.

Although he hates to admit it he does have feelings for certain members on the forum. So far no one knows for whom.

Kujie Coo has changed his user title so many times in the recent past and only remember few of them, the one he remembers are:


"All & Nothing" Crona's Battle Theme

- "Love is incomprehendable" (his current one)

-"What good is trust?"

-"This is my final requiem."

and - "Do you need a reason to help someone?" Crona has kidnapped Edward from Full Metal Alchemist. SOMEONE SAVE THE LITTLE GUY!

Also a fan of Touhou and My Little Pony Friendship is magic he would be considered a Brony, a touhou fanatic, and a Final Fantasy Fanboy. His favorite characters from each show/game are. He is now also a fan of Sengoku Collection and these are his favorite characters,

  • -Kuja
  • -Rarity Unicorn
  • - Sakuya Izayoi

    Probably what Kujie looks like

  • And - Isei Shinkuro

Relationships With Forum MembersEdit

ShadowKenji -Edit

His friendly relationship with the forum member "Kenji" is apparently a strong one, almost brotherly he likes to say. He has "clicked" with him and they are good friends. This is noticable when they are discudding topics on the skype CTF chat or when they are in the same roleplay together. He wishes to have much more fun in the future. He has been given a nickname by Kenji and is proud and happy to be called "Lavi" by him. He's also dubbed ShadowKenji as Kenji.

Red -Edit

His relationship with Red is more of a best friend relationship. They have good things in common with eachother and seem to enjoy eachother's company when they roleplay or discuss on the CTF chat. Red & Kuro jelliously guard Crona's secret.

Speedbuster -Edit

He likes to treat Speedbuster as a bigger bro and expects a lot from him. He is his awesome friend from Mexico and is glad to be friends with him. He looks forward to more roleplaying with him.

Keybladeoverlord -

Their friendship isn't as open as other people on the forum, but they've come up with some devious schemes together and generally talk to eachother about their evil ambitions.

Kuro Serpentina-

Back when Kuro was still on the Theatre, the two of them just clicked. Both are Otakus, RPers, Bronies, have multiple names and are both utterly evil. The two of them hang out a lot other on Skype, where the fool around. Kuro refers to Crona (He only uses that name as it is the first one he came to know) "Crona-chi" and Crona calls him "Kuro-tan". Back on the Theatre, they'd spent a lot of time just staring at each others CP pages, as if plotting with one another. Kuro & Red jelliously guard Crona's secret.

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