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Logan Montville


LoganightLegend333, Love Machine, Nine-Tailed Fox, and LoganightLegend


Arena Overlord





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October 2012


LoganightLegend (youtube)


Self-proclaimed Hero

"We all have a destiny and a fate. Sure, there's not much we can do to change it. But I'll be damned if I just let fate sweep me off my feet and take me away. I'll stand and fight my fate until the day I die"

- One of Loganight's various ramblings


Loganight is a simple man who lives a quiet life. That was a lie. Loganight was born the year Ocarina of Time came out, and grew up briefly in a small rural area. After his parents' divorce, Loganight moved to Ap

Logan's Custom Sprite for the Flipside Forums

ponaug with his mother. In this large town built around a cove, Loganight's epic adventures began. He met a beautiful girl who he fell for over time. However, Loganight's cocky cock of a nemesis, Cory, stole her before Loganight could. And so, Loganight under went serious physical training (Wilderness sabaticle, climbing the pilgrim monument, etc), and ended up finnishing Cory in a fight. The girl of Loganight's dream fell in love with him, and they were very happy. But one day Loganight told her he had to move, and later recieved an inbox over facebook saying she wanted to break up. After that, things mostly got worse. But enough of that boring shit.


  • Has made the first of a three game series. It is terrible, never play it. (Lionheart is the name of the series)
  • Loganightlegend02

    LoganightLegend, Loganight's true form

    Has done much spriting, and designed an epic copilation of custom sprite sheets.
  • Has layed out an impressive storyline in his head, but has yet to design a series of games about his life.
  • Has starred in the underated RolePlay; Prince of the Cursed Skies

(Read it here:

  • Being appointed as the 5th (and last) Arena Overlord, along side Gemsteam, Water Waka, Kuro Serpentina & KeybladeOverlord.


(add yourself here if we're friends :3)

Loganight Legend... Don't fuck with him

Username SwitchesEdit

Loganight is notorious for username switches. Most have been so he can try diffrent avatar and sig sets out~

  • LoganightLegend333 (starting one, used pics of himself)
  • Love~Machine (second one, given by Autarch, used FLCL GIFs)
    Gilgamesh Remix02:14

    Gilgamesh Remix

    "A Hero Bathed in Flames" Loganight Legend's Battle Theme

  • Nine-Tailed Fox (third one, given by Chewie, used Naruto GIFs)
  • LoganightLegend  (current one, given by Autarch, uses pokemon sapphire pics)


  • Owns 13 swords including:
  1. Memory (Buster Sword knockoff)
    Snapshot 20120913 17

    Loganight's Fusion Sword

  2. Fusion Sword (FF7 Advent Children; includes all 6 swords)
  3. Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)
  4. Sting (LOTR)
  5. ShadowFury (Plain longsword)
  6. Maramasa (A Vicious looking Katana)
  7. Hellraizer (Rusty machette that cant even cut brush)
  8. Excaliburr (His Father's, hopes to inherit it someday)

or here:

Is an admin on the Flipside Forums

Loganight, The Lionheart


"I try to be a hero, but do a terrible job xD" -LoganightLegend333

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