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Magnum IRL without a doubt.

Is a pretty cool dude. If you think you can shoot a gun better than him...well, you're absolutely wrong and should go rethink your life before he decides to rethink it for you.

Magnum is a former admin, having been one of the original mods that were created shortly after the forum was made. At first reluctant due to memories of holding the position on previous forums he regulated, it has been a good learning experience for him, and he was eventually able to learn how to be able to both hold the position and have fun. Due to losing interest, he was not promoted for V4 in 2014.

He wants to create content, but is finding difficulties in where to begin. Creating lists, snore. LPs, yawn. Buying equipment? Ain't nobody got time for dat!

Magnum IRLEdit

Magnum IRL is James. He is 19 years old, with a birthday in August. In school, he was the youngest in the grade, but one of the tallest and 5th strongest in weights class. He didn't graduate with any honors, never won any awards, and had a below average GPA of 2.5

Magnum has held many jobs. Junior year, he worked both as a groundskeeper at the school and at a restaurant called 'Carlos Miguels' as a Busser. After Senior year, he stopped working for a while, and instead opted to help neighbors and friends with any projects and yard work that needed to be done. Since he had worked 2 jobs, he had quite a bit of money saved up, and didn't need to worry about anything for a long time. He now works at City Market, where he runs the GM department while his boss enjoys his hangovers.(No seriously, every other day, a hangover. We get along well though)

Future plans are pretty straightforward for Magnum. Keep working until he gets a good position with plenty of money, get a house, and never do anything again.

Magnum's Internet HistoryEdit

Magnum hasn't always been Magnum. At the beginning, when he first discovered the internet, he simply got on because, "Oh wow, this Youtube thing has Kingdom Hearts and .hack stuff!" The first site he ever joined was called Dothackers, a .hack fansite. It was there he christened his first alias, "Multi". He would use this on a few small forums he would join.

Soon, he found his way to his first true home, NSFCD. When the old Nintendo forums shut down, NSFCD and NSider2 were founded. It was a pick your side thing, and a good friend, Allegretto, picked NSFCD. He stayed for a long time, had fun, and enjoyed the small things added. He would play chess with anyone on NSFCD to pass the time. Then, disaster struck as Snorkel, one of the admins, sold the domain without any permission. He used the money to move out of the country. Afterwards, NSFCD slowly dissolved until it became only a shell of its former glory.

After a long time floating between random places, opportunity arose when one of his subscriptions on Youtube advertised a new forum. The Chaos Theatre. Seeing this as a great chance to see a forum start and be there in the beginning, Magnum joined.

Magnum has since become an admin, and has met a wide-variety of people. He considers Onikazejin to be a good friend, albeit he never sees him anymore. He also keeps a relationship with countless others, such as Camelslayer, Vlarix, Kitty, Autarch, Spartan, Rain, Suki, Clown, Disaster, Coffee, Rince, Chewie, and more.


  • Magnum commonly changes his name so it can be used online and in games. As such, 'MagnumSonic' and 'HolyMagnum' are his 2 most common names on games.
  • Magnum is currently the illusive leader behind the 'Age of Magnum'. While he hates it being called a cult, he commonly refers to 'Cult of Personality' when talking about it. Not much is none about what the Age of Magnum truly is.
  • His current Icon is Booker DeWitt, from newly release Bioshock Infinite.
  • Magnum is a cronic optimist. He constantly looks blindly at the good, and has only ever been angry 4 times in his life. Once diagnosed with Depression via stress, Magnum decided to be more happy. And that's exactly what he did.
  • His favorite game is [s]Tales of the Abyss[/s] Fire Emblem Awakening
  • Skipped out on all the fun that was Nsider2.
  • 'Uncle' Magnum has come to fit him as well. First used as a joke since he's a Magnum IRL and is horrible with computers when it comes to the hardware, it is used affectionally by some users(Rain and Suki).
  • Tharja

    Dem books

    Might have a secret affection for Tharja in Fire Emblem Awakening after she single handedly beat everything.