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Master H (known by YouTube name as HSpiritOfVengeance) is a Chaos Theatre user who makes whatever sorts of videos he feels like, but mostly countdowns, short films, MUGEN videos, and YouTube Poops.


H has isolated himself from most of the world and has a ton of Pokemon keep him company. Why? It relates to real-life stress I've been going through regarding having to move to a northern state.


Countdowns listed only, will be updated later:

Top 10 Mario Boss Themes

Top 10 Nostalgic Video Games

Top 10 Favorite Video Game Characters (From the Vaults)

Top 6 Super Meat Boy Boss Battles (From the Vaults)

Top 15 Characters I HATE in Video Games

Top 5 Pokemon Spinoffs

Top 50 Fatalities

Top 15 Avenged Sevenfold Songs

Top 10 Team Fortress 2 Maps

Top 5 Worst Video Game Mechanics

Top 10 Mortal Kombat X Fatalities

Top 15 Avenged Sevenfold Songs

Top 10 Team Fortress 2 Maps

Top 5 Worst Video Game Mechanics

Top 10 Mortal Kombat X Fatalities

Top 10 Favorite Metal Albums of 2016


Master H


Short Films/YTPs Edit

5 Reasons Why the World Won't End on December 21st

H vs, The Jaquio

Pokémon X and Y First Impressions

In Regards to the Ninja Gaiden Review

25 Pokémon Sprites in Real Life

The Change-Resistant Noise JonTron's Hercules Cassette Game Made

Google Plus? More Like Google Minus

(YTP) Billy Mays - The Mighty Grater

Why I Don't Make Videos s Frequently as I Should

YTPMV: O Fortuna (K -Fee Edition)

H vs. A Bowl of Ice Water (ALSIceBucketChallenge)

(YTP) Steven the Vegan Chicken and the President and CEO of PP Eat Da Poo Poo

Fun with the Rancho Relaxo and Kazotsky Kick

Grunty McEdgelord Rants About Poser Metal

(YTP) I.M. Meen is Obsessed with Butts

H Reacts to Fine Bros. Attempting to Copyright Reaction Videos

So This Happened (My Appearance on "The Price is Right")

Jackknot - The Heretic Octagon

Monolith of In-Human Music

Slipnerd - Duassity

How I Became a Metalhead

Cool Cat Voices a Little Baby's Ice Cream Commercial

My Experience at MomoCom 2017

Alex Rochon Shows off His PVP Bootleg Console

Reviews Edit

Lunar: Silver Star Story

Pokemon X/Y Mini-Review (My Entry for Digital Pioneer's Top 10 3DS Games Contest)

Auditions Edit

Audition for The Green Scorpion's Top 20 SEGA Genesis Games

Audition for AnimalGuy001's Top 15 N64 Games

Audition for BioWare's Explorers Wanted contest, voicing the character of Jordan Tate.

Explorers Wanted Audition (Script 1)

PRIME NOISE: September Mourning Edit

Volume I

Volume II


  • His favorite video game is Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal.
  • His favorite movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    Monty Python - Holy Grail French Taunting06:42

    Monty Python - Holy Grail French Taunting

    H likes this, yo~

  • He doesn't really have any favorite bands, because his list is constantly changing, but 10 of his current favorites include Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Disturbed, Rammstein, Exodus, Alice in Chains and Alter Bridge.
  • He owns a Wii, PS3, and a DSi in terms of modern consoles (he has a GameBoy Advance and Gamecube) and wants to get a 3DS.
  • He eats pizza without sauce.
  • Aside from Pokemon, his favorite games include Lunar: Silver Star Story, Mortal Kombat, Mario, and Sonic.
  • He has a mild case of Aspergers
  • Hates when people don't respect other peoples opinions (i.e. intense fanboys/girls whom he always calls "fanbrats" for the sake of avoiding confusion)
  • The first game he ever played was Pokemon Red.
  • He is lazy beyond belief.
  • His least favorite game is M.U.S.C.L.E.
  • He has an aura that makes him seem older than he actually is... That's a good thing.

​Replant the Trees...ApprenticeEdit

On October 7, 2015, fellow countdown artists, Fawful's MInion and Master H, have announced that Ben is currently no longer with us. Apparently, a frined/enemy reported Ben's entire Internet life to his parents. As a result, his Twitter account shut down and he can't do much on Youtube. It was a terrible, unfair fate for Ben, and his friends are doing whateber they can to help.

If you want to keep him up and running (countdowns, reviews, etc) and if you happrn to be a fan or close friend of his, please donate to his Patreon and/or his GoFundMe page.



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