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Being among a very small portion of the Chaos Theatre that has not yet created any form of media (be it a video game Let's Play, musical composition, or artwork), Masterchef has a tendency to feel left out among the forums. He also has only recently become truly interested in video gaming beyond a mere means of passing spare time, and is thus on a mission to play through as many old or "classic" games such as Mega-Man, Sonic, and Final Fantasy, as he possibly can. Due to this new abundance in his gaming library, Masterchef intends to create a Let's Play of these old games, thus killing two birds with one spell.


Masterchef, despite his name's implications, is not a Halo fanboy, and does not admit himself to be a fanboy of any given franchise. His name originated as a spoof of his once-favorite video game character (who has since then been replaced by the Elder Scrolls series character Sheogorath) and has stuck with him ever since. Only one of his numerous usernames accross the internet is not Masterchef, and this username is less used anyways. As a result, it is generally quite easy to find his posts, etc. wherever he goes.


As is often reflected by his title (which he changes on a weekly basis) and his avatar, Masterchef posesses a rather sarcastic nature and enjoys ironic and literalist humor. Normally preferring to remain near-nuetral on most issues, Masterchef has the strange tendency to accuse the Admin Psychotic Nekomata of being rude or mean on the My Little Pony discussion thread, and often becomes ruder or meaner in the process. It is unknown and open to speculation why he displays this strange behavior. Masterchef himself blames hormones and, if he can make it stick as a running joke, Psychotic Nekomata.

Masterchef hates reality and thoroughly enjoys fiction, and as a result has taken up insanity as a hobby. Be it making a show out of eating lemons or plotting to create a real-life utility belt, Masterchef has pledged to do anything and everything within his power to break the 4th wall, from our end.


Masterchef can often be found lurking in the Off Topic, Roleplay, and Forum Games subforums, and has tried multiple times (as yet unsuccessfully) to create a Q&A thread in the User Questions subforum. He does occasionally leave this small array of forums. Beyond this, he's pledged to a life of paranoia and will not reveal personal information. And by this, he means he's going to share waaaa-ha-hay to much.

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