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Black Mage Maverick is a countdown maker who joined the Chaos Theatre on October 12th, 2012. He is a large fan of Sephiroth, the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII. As well as Kuja from Final Fantasy IX.

​He was formerly known as MaverickHunterZero75.


Before the MaverickEdit

Before being MaverickHunterZero75, he had a YouTube account called SuperSaiyanSonic75 (even though he wasn't a huge DBZ fan). On that channel, he did several random videos including text countdowns (specifically a Top Ten Hardest Bosses and a Top Ten Easiest Bosses list), LEGO videos and video game reviews (the latter broke off into its own channel, ArcadeOfReviews). However, he became bored of this channel, so he removed it (and the ArcadeOfReviews channel) and created a new channel by the name of MaverickHunterZero75 in 2010.

A Countdowner's BeginningsEdit

Back when he had his SuperSaiyanSonic75 account, he stumbled across peanut3423 (specifically his Top Ten Easiest Bosses list from 2010) and Joshscorcher. He liked their works, but just moved on. When he made his MaverickHunterZero75 account, he found the works of Sonicthehedgehog17 and Animalguy001 (Fawful's Minion), but again, he just moved on. But when he found the works of Itionoben, he immediately concluded that he was to make countdowns on his channel. So, he created four countdowns in December 2011: Top Ten Worst Video Game Villains, Top Ten Fighting Game Finishers, Top Ten Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Songs and Top Ten Greatest Final Battles. While these countdowns were downright terrible, the upsides by his work is that it was noticed by Joshscorcher, who made positive comments on his Fighting Game Finishers video, and Fighting Game Finishers also got him to meet his best friend on YouTube and fellow countdown maker, ZMurcielago.

The Angel AwakensEdit

After his first four countdowns, Maverick began to understand what it took to make a good countdown, so for his next countdown, which was a collab with the previously mentioned ZMurcielago, he actually wrote a script for it and tried to be very analytical (and not copy Autarch or Josh). The collab, entitled "Top 32 Dissidia 012 Characters," had mixed reception, but it was a good start for him as he then made Top Fifteen Most Hated Characters, which many people say is his best work yet. From that point on, it unraveled to what it is today, with Maverick becoming a well known countdown maker (not at the level of Alex, Josh, Logan or Will though), before becoming part of the Gaming Family community and the Chaos Theatre.



Maverick is a bit of an odd one, to be honest. He's a bit of a nerd (he likes to research things ranging from video game trivia to film history to the very laws of the space-time continuum as a HOBBY), he's friendly, sometimes a bit loud, intelligent and isn't afraid to express his opinions, but will also accept others' opinions as long as their reasons are valid. He's not one for getting angry easily, unless being trolled about things like Shantotto (his most hated video game character) or Crash Boom Bang (a game he absolutely hates).

Gaming ExperienceEdit

As a child, Maverick grew up with a SNES, N64, PS1 and GCN, which remain as some of his favourite consoles in existence. Nowadays, he still has those four consoles, but also has a PS2, DS, 3DS, GBA, PSP, Wii, Wii U, and PS4.

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Next Countdowns Edit

  • Several collabs
  • Top Ten Games I Played in 2016 (Next Countdown)
  • Top Ten Tekken Characters
  • Top Ten Wolfmen in Video Games (Halloween Special)
  • Top Ten Bosses I Like That Everyone Hates
  • Top Fifteen Least Favorite Vide Game Characters (AKA Top Ten Most Hated Video Game Characters II)
  • Top Fifteen Crash Bandicoot Bosses
  • Top Ten Pirates in Video Games
  • Top Ten Nostalgiac Games

Let's Plays Edit


Black Mage Maverick!

​Crash Bandicoot Month (20th Anniversary)Edit

In homage to his monst favorite video game character, Ben has dedicated a whole month to celebrate his 20th Anniversary. He started by playing his all-time favorite game, Crash Bandicoot Warped, as wel as a review for the first game. And he'll do more throughout September. Here is his latest work:

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Crash Bandicoot, his favorite video game character

  • Real Name: Benjamin B.
  • Birthday: February 6th
  • First Video Game System: Sony PlayStation
  • First Handheld: Game Boy Advance
  • Favourite Franchises: Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Tekken, Super Smash Bros., Mega Man X, Pokémon, Donkey Kong, Castlevania, BlazBlue
  • Mascot: (Then) Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) - (Now) A Black Mage
  • Favourite Genres: Platformers, racing games, RPGs, fighting games, rhythm games, puzzle games
  • Intro Theme: God in Fire (Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy)
  • New Intro Theme: Vocal Theme from Dissidia: Final Fantasy (2015)
  • Favorite Final Fantasy Character: Formerly was Sephiroth, now it's Kuja
  • Most Hated Character: Shantotto (Final Fantasy XI)
  • Favourite Video Game: Crash Bandicoot Warped (PS1)
  • Least Favourite Video Game: Crash Boom Bang (Nintendo DS)
  • Favourite Movie: The Prince of Egypt
  • He is a Christian.
  • He and The Water Waka both enjoy and grew up with the Christian based TV show, VeggieTales, and make various references on Skype.
  • His favourite element/theme in media is time (which is one of the reasons that he made Top Ten Chronokinetics).
  • Pokémon Pearl is his favorite Pokémon game, and Palkia, the mascot, is his favorite Legendary, even outclassing Darkrai.