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Francisco Mon


Mediamaster, Mediamaster127, Shohmyooh127


Countdown Maker





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June 1, 2012


Shohmyooh127 (YouTube)

Known as Shohmyooh127 in The Chaos Theatre Forums, Mediamaster127 is a Panamenian video maker who does videos about video games in a similar way to The Autarch of Flame, Joshscorcher, RabbidLuigi, HBombCrew and others.


Mediamaster was born in October 30 of 1994 in Panama City, capital city of Panama. He grew up and spent middle school and part of high school in a school full of jackasses before transfering to a school with awesome people but a severly, cock-smashingly hard studying system.
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Mediamaster's school where 80% of the students are female. Also, when you see it...

He joined YouTube in June 30 of 2007 (meaning that he joined YouTube before The Autarch of Flame and Joshscorcher). The name "Mediamaster" comes from his original intention when he made his account: To upload content from various "media" such as movies, TV shows, video games, etc.

His plan ultimately failed when he found out about copyright strikes.

In late 2008 he first watched some of Peanut3423's (The Autarch of Flame) early countdowns and some of Joshscorcher's in early 2009. That gave him the inspiration to make countdown and video game related videos as well. That plan DID turned ot to be succesful.


Everything you need to know about his videos can be found here: (Currently suspended due to copyright claims)

and his alternate account:

Rumor has it that the Easter Egg he hid in 25 Interesting Easter Eggs in Video Games is a URL to a YouTube video about an Art Exposition in his school where he interviewed a bunch of his classmates and showed himself in front of the camera.

Only a handful of people have found this Easter Egg.

The Chaos TheatreEdit

He joined this amazing forum on September of 2011 with the name of "Shohmyooh" because it sounded cool to him. At first he didn't visited the forums as much due to a busy lifestyle and overall lazyness, but is now visiting more often. He ocassionally creates threads in the Film, TV and Theatre page that get discussed for a while. In that forum, he made small reviews of "Koyaanisqatsi" and "Tekkonkinkreet", two movies he considers as very underapreciated. He also created The Chaos Theatre Birthday Scenario game out of pure boredom which resulted in hilarious outcomes and crazy conspiracy theories.

In the forum, Mediamaster/Shohmyooh is a respectful and mentally stable young man who never has the intention to offend anyone or pick a fight and talks to people in a mature, non-sarcastic way. He's noble and good spirited. (in other words, he's boring as hell).


  • His personal favorite works of his are Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies in Video Games and 25 Interesting Easter Eggs in Video games.
    • On the other hand, he used to have a Top 15 Most Disturbing Video Game Moments on his channel, but removed it because he hated it.
  • Has two dogs.
  • Learned to speak English by watching movies.
  • Was widely hated by his classmates during middle school.
  • His favorite movie genres are Science Fiction, Adventure and Drama.
  • His favorite drink is Chocolate Milk.
  • Likes the works of J.J. Abrams.
  • Enjoys watching Let's Plays.
  • Dislikes shipping. (shipping refering to pairings of fictional characters, not shipping refering to exporting products overseas.) Despite this, Mediamaster is quite a romantic fellow.
  • Can hold his breath for a minute.
  • Owns a .177 Winchester Air Rifle.
  • Aspires to be a Movie Director/Writer, a Video Game maker and to create an animated TV Show.
  • Prefers Super Mario Galaxy over Super Mario 64.
  • Rumor has it that 5 different girls have a crush on him IRL.
  • Hates 4Chan.
  • He's not insane. He's just a weirdo.
  • Despite the fact that he likes Japanese Animated Films, he is not an Otaku or a Weeaboo.
  • Doesn't know if he is a brony or not.

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