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Mephostole, a somewhat anonymous member of the forum
Bake Eatin

The First and only avatar that he ever uses.

that serves little to no purpose and has contributed

next to nothing to the forums. He is also dangerous unless he is fed pomegranates or is shown passages from any conversation between Suruga Kanbaru and Ararararagi Koyomi.


Mephostole the X or just plain Mephostole is the first son of an old family with a lost history.He is quite mad in real life and is very introverted.It should also be known that he doesn't have a hated game or food. Yes, to answer that question, he has that food, no, he doesn't remember the taste.

He is an avid fan of the Bakemonogatari Series created by Nisio Isin

While it has not been publically announced, he writes fanfics. His current series is To Love Ru and Harry Potter.

He was born and living in Vietnam till the age of seven, where his family decided to move to the US and then he currently reside in Central US.

Still in high school as a junior. He currently has a not-so-little crush on his friend.

Mightythor 294 stormgiants2

Probably what Mephostole looks like.

Currently plan to be an artist.


As stated earlier, he writes fanfiction, however only two of his stories is actually published on a fanfiction site. It should be noted that he sucks at writing.

My Third Fanfic: Do it Right this Time : "I have up to fourth year thought out in my head." -Mephostole

Random TriviaEdit

  • He is OCD
  • He has ADHD
  • Very flexible
  • Taking Tae Kwon Do
  • A Japanese language student
  • A fan of Harem light novels/manga/anime(don't judge me).
  • Willing to lie to everybody
  • Willing to offend everybody and everything
  • You would never get him to like MLP
  • Apathetic toward everything

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