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A shy young Lady, who is also a mermaid Amy has been on the Theatre since the first version of the forum, but has never really been able to fit it. She sometimes makes mistake and says things she doesn't mean. She is an excellent Artist,

Some of Amy's art

but often finds herself jealous of people like ISugarBee & DisasterMaster, who are known for their high quality art.

She is generally well liked by the members of the Chaos Theatre. However, she has had prior conflict with the staff members, but tensions there are easing and will hopefully cease.

As ridiculous as it may sound, she is close friends with Kuro Serpentina; a notorious trouble maker, who has been acting as her Psychologist for a long time now, trying to help get along with the Theatre. In fact, when she left after one particular incident, Kuro contacted her on Skype & helped convince her to come back. Amy has shown quite a bit of loyalty to Kuro for his help, even going so far as to call herself his pet at one point.

Amy is a member of the League of Evil and while she generally doesn't appear very often, she is welcomed warmly when she does.


If you're reading this and come into contact with Amy on the Theatre, please be as kind as you can and help her out anyway you can. Any support provided to her would be highly appreciated.

She is an extremely skilled RP Warrior, being a Former Overlord (She stepped down from her position, when she felt she wasn't exactly cut out for the whole Overlord Persona). Her skills are not to be underestimated. She is easily one of the most powerful members of the Arena community, mostly due to her lack of any true weakness (Other than her general fragile emotional nature). Not taking her seriously in battle is the last mistake a Warrior will ever make.


Kuro Serpentina
Troll Amy

Her homestuck Troll Pic made for her by Kuro Serpentina

The Water Waka





Mr. Red




The World Ends With You- Déjà Vu (Full)04:06

The World Ends With You- Déjà Vu (Full)

"Temper Tempo" Mermaid Amy's Battle Theme

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