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MikailKhaos, also known as Mikail, is a relatively new member. Having joined the Chaos Theatre Forum 2 months ago (as of March 10th, 2012), most users would go, "Who?" He has yet to make a namesake of himself yet.

Joining the ForumEdit

Mikail joined the forum in hopes of getting recognized for his writing. Having his first post and thread be a review, he hoped he would be congratulated on his talents. He wanted to get involved in the community, namely reviewing and countdowns, but has yet to do anything.


Name: Mark

Age: 18

Location: United States

Consoles owned: PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS

Likes: Video games, ponies, dubstep, his girlfriend, watching videos, swearing

Dislikes: Trolling, being unrecognized, lying, cheating


Movies: Harry Potter series, Forrest Gump, Full Metal Jacket

Music genre: Dubstep, classical, rock

Song: None

Quote: "A key that can open any lock is a masterkey. A lock that opens to any key is a crappy lock."

Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Naruto manga

Play: Hamlet

User: Joshscorcher/The Autarch of Flame

Website: Facebook/Chaos Theatre Forums/YouTube

Video game: Skyrim

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