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Red(A.K.A. Christian Godsil, godsil11) is a member of the chaos Theater forum, he writes, RP's, and ocasinaly making dissida gameplay. He is a huge Final Fantasy fan, his favorites being Final Fantasy 4, 8, 12, and 13, his favorite spin offs of Final Fantasy are The After Years and Crissis Core. Other than final fantasy, he enjoys CALL OF DUTY (when he's not getting pwnd by the noobs he's supposed to be slaying), Uncharted, Dead Space, and Resident Evil.

Recently he has gotten into the Soul Eater manga series

Red is the Lead Super Mod over on the Flipside Forums. How'd he manage that? He has been away from the CT for quite some time, this is mostly due to his lack of similar interests and opinions, and gained no enjoyment from being there anymore 

Friends and Allies Edit

Crona(A.K.A. too many names)- Crona was one of Reds first friends on the forum, there friendship slowly grew until they could be considered best friends(R. he said it first) they have a lot of things in commen, but when red dosnt understand anime, he turns to crona. Crona has gotten Red into Soul Eater

Mr. Red, the pimpdaddy

Mermaid Amy- another one of Reds good friends, red sees her as that friend that is a girl, so he's willing to help her in anyway he can, when it is within his power

Shadow Kenji-He's reds quirky friend, they havnt talked much, due to Kenji being busy most of the time, and red not bein able to get to a computer

Jake- Another one of reds early friends, they met in chaos was and thats the only place they realy hang out at

The Heartless Soldier- on of reds newer friends, they can mostly be seen hanging out in TCT skype chat room

KuroSerpentina: Best Bros


Keybladeoverlord - Tends to not really get along with Keyblade as Red views him as immature due to his
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Sam's theme04:08

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Sam's theme. The only thing I know for real lyrics

"Sanity of a Madman" Mr.Red's Battle Theme

randomness.  Keyblade however is about 2 years older than Red, and is random because that's just who he is.  Keyblade tends to think Red is too serious for his own good and needs to relax and let the random insanity take over.  Also Red tried to steal Keyblade's Crystal Weed and destroy it, which Keyblade don't appreciate.

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