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One of the first members to ever sign up on the forums (Technically THE first, if you don't count the admins), Nap1400 is a violinist, New Yorker, up-and-coming Let's Play-er, and a Mormon.


Nap is a 15-year-old boy that grew up on music, video games, and procrastination. He has played violin since he was four and has received several A+ rankings at the NYSSMA Festival at Level VI. He has since started trying to delve further into his hobby, by arranging music pieces and even composing his own music. Unfortunately this ends up taking an amount of time that seems like forever because Nap has a horrible habit of procrastination.

Significance to the SiteEdit

Nap hasn't exactly done many significant things to the site as he is still only a normal member, but he did make the suggestion to add the Off-Topic section, and it even has his name under the description to this day. He is also famous for bringing the ever-so-popular forum game Werewolf to the site. (Which is essentially Mafia except with werewolves.)

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