Now Showing at the Chaos Theatre is a series started by UtterSpartan that aired in December 2011. After a pilot and one episode the series was canceled due to complications with production.

The series is to be rebooted by The Coffee Man starting with an episode covering content from May 2013.

It is officially shortened to NSATCT.


This series was first announced by UtterSpartan on The Chaos Theatre  in October 2011. It was announced as a show-off series for the media created by the members of The Chaos Theatre. After taking submissions on the forums back on V1, two episodes were created. Through a real-life friend UtterSpartan was able to get several 3D animations done for the video series. He later added in sound effects from the Ace Attorney series to complete the effect. The music for both episodes was done by RabbidLuigi.

Today UtterSpartan considers the content of the videos to be mediocre but the idea to be great.

On April 24th, 2013 The Coffee Man started a thread regarding a revival of the series. Citing popular demand he started a thread for submissions for NSATCT for May of 2013.


Each episode had original music provided by RabbidLuigi and the show highlighted videos made from three categories. They are explained below.

Vocal CountdownsEdit

As the name implies countdowns that feature the voices of the people who have done them.


Other VideosEdit

Vocalized videos that don't fall into the category of countdowns and are over 2 minutes long. Also includes other random videos that don't fit into countdown categories.


  • Let's Play Castlevania: Circle of the Moon by TyrannoGamer
  • Ocarina of Time vs. Majora's Mask by RabbidLuigi
  • It's Boss Battle Time by Yugnat

Text VideosEdit

Countdowns done without voice (usually music countdowns) or arrangements. Are presented in the video without separate commentary for each. Instead UtterSpartan gives links to these.


  • Top 15 Scariest Music Tracks by Joshscorcher
  • Top 15 Paper Mario Boss Themes by OmegaSpeedBuster
  • The End Arrangement by RabbidLuigi

Episode ListEdit

  • Pilot: Aired on December 19, 2011 (Covers videos released in October) Video BGM
  • Episode 1: Aired on Febuary 26, 2012 (Covers videos released in December & January) Video BGM