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Ocelot843 is a nationally ambiguos user who lives in the South-West region of Australia. Ocelot first joined the Theatre in its v.3 stage, early in 2012. To be perfectly honest, the guy's contributed jack-all to the Theatre, but plans to change that once school is over with.


Top 20 The World Ends With You Songs

...yeah. Not that impressive at the moment.

Future PlansEdit

He currently lacks tolerable audio/visual editing skills, but still plans to publish a countdown or two; text or video. Several of these include:

  • Top 10 Most Disappointing Final Bosses
  • Top 20 Metal Gear Solid Songs
  • Top 24 [PS2] Kingdom Hearts Worlds
  • PC INVESTIGATION: Harry Potter for the PC (2000)

Trivia (a.k.a, pointless facts)Edit

  • The first countdown he ever saw was Top 13 Video Game Enemies That Make You Panic, but it was quite mediocre, so the maker will not be cited.
  • Was first introduced to Theatre related discussion on New Years Eve of 2011, when he saw Joshscorcher's Top 10 Final Fantasy Villains, and from there, worked his way to the Chaos Theatre.
  • Main instrument is the bassoon, but also studies the piano and Italian arias. He plans to study music at university if everything goes according to plan.
  • Is a classical nut and a choir geek, but enjoys some decent rock, reggae, 90s pop and metal.
  • Describes himself as "nationally ambiguos" due to having lived in Australia his whole life, but his parents and their parents lived in Kenya, East Africe, yet they resemble and follow Indian Traditions.
  • Despite being an athiest, he sings in a church choir.

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