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OtakuPowerLolcat [1]] , known to some as OPL, Otaku, Lolcat, or Some Derpshit No One Really Nows. An anime-loving moron who's actually pretty intelligent. Tends to shy away from the main forum for unknown reasons, spending most of her time in the roleplay forum. Types in caps a lot outside of the forum. Known as LolcatSama [2]']' on deviantArt, LolcatSamaStudios [3]] on Tumblr, and LolcatTheOtaku [4]] on Youtube. Possibly has a crush on Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!, Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4, and Harvey Volodarski from No More Heroes. Except not really.

While a real life photo of Lolcat has yet to be seen, she is described (by herself) as having short brown hair, hazel eyes, and glasses, and is about 5'8". She often sits around on her lazy ass in her pajamas all day, and always has a jacket either around her waist or worn normally.


-to be updated when she actually gets off her ass and makes some countdowns-


-Cannot draw for shit as of yet.

-Loves coke, pepsi, cats, Nostalgia Critic, anime, and being a derpshit online.

-Pokemon is her childhood.

-Makes a lot of her characters short for who knows why.

-Has been playing the clarinet for 5 years.

-Wants to be an animator when she grows up.

-Doesn't realize that no one cares about this kind of shit but OH WELL.

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