Pirate Higemaru
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Pirate_Higemaru, Pirate, Higemaru


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 Pirate has been a mainstay on The Chaos Theatre Forums since day 2 or something. Maybe Day 1, he doesn't remember. He mostly hangs around the Gaming boards but he'll drop by the other boards every once in a while. He left briefly for a time during V2 because well, he kind of hated V2. Once V3 was created, he joined nearly immediately. Seeing it as a drastic improvement, he decided to stick around.

But that shit ain't important. Hell nah, video games. That's what's important. Pirate plays too many games. The man has gone on record saying that he just buys games for the sake of owning games. One may say that video games are his life. Now, he's no Pete Dorr but dear God, he could be. His favorite games can be found here, so you too can check out this handsome beast's eclectic and objectively better taste in games.

But going back to the Theatre for a second or two, some people seem to like him. Those who don't seemingly refuse to speak up. But anyway, Pirate has earned the distinction of meeting another TCT member in real life. Quite possibly the first IRL meeting between regular memebers in TCT history. Who has the lucky SOB? None other than VirtualBoy. If you want pictures, leave $400 in a paper bag underneath a bench in Central Park.

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