Prelich, the Man(?), the Legend, the enigma, the hero (Yeah, no)

Our Hero~

Prelich was a Mod for the Chaos Theatre back on V1, but became infamous for his inactivity. He even became the butt of a lot of jokes among the Admins. He has also had multiple imposters, to the point the real Prelich has been long forgotten by the Theatre's user, existing only as the MC of Forum Fantasy. On YouTube, Prelich is a lesser known Dubstep composer. Despite making a brief appearence on V2, where he was overwelmed by the attention he got, to the point he went into hiding. His modhood was revoked on V3, due to inactivity.

In Forum Fantasy, he is the first character you gain control over and is considered the weakest overall. The moves he learns naturally are limited, but his stats set him up to be a decent Mage Knight. Despite this, most who play Forum Fantasy seem to just use him to attack normally and heal. He is noted to state the obvious alot. At the end of Forum Fantasy (Depending on the ending recieved) he will either doom the party or leave to try and takeover hell, only to be unable to return. He is also the Main Character to a "non-canon" spin-off dating sim game, made by user Suki.